Turnium SD-WAN: What Makes Us Different

Turnium’s Trusted Network as a Service (TNaaS) is a new way to meet networking needs in a world of complex, ever-changing technology requirements. A simple, flexible solution to extend the functionalities and eliminate the difficulties of modern WAN implementation and maintenance. Why Turnium? Turnium presents a revolutionary suite of features: Turnium Trusted Core: a cloud-based … Read more

Cloud Native Containerized SD-WAN as a Managed Service – Turnium’s SD-WAN 2.0 – at KubeCon 2019

Turnium’s managed, containerized SD-WAN is part of an E2E 5G cloud native network demonstration at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019 on the keynote stage November 20, 2019 at 10:03 am Pacific time. The Proof-of-Concept (PoC) illustrates how network services are going cloud native and provides a real-world example of how to deliver a multi-vendor … Read more

Weatherproof Your Service Provider Business

Peak Storm Season is Around The Corner We’ve just turned into August, which means we’re in the thick of one of the most dangerous times of the year for inclement weather. For example, meteorologists are currently tracking multiple weather events. A tropical disturbance is developing in the central Atlantic, while in East Pacific, Hurricane Erick … Read more

Remember Muxing?

We can all probably agree that SD-WAN is a much-abused term. It seems to mean anything that a vendor wants it to mean. Gartner has defined a category of “WAN Edge” which includes “a widening set of network functions, including secure routers, firewalls, SD-WAN, WAN path control and WAN optimization, along with traditional routing functionality.”[1] … Read more

5 Steps to Develop a Business Network Continuity Plan for Service Providers

If you’re an internet or managed service provider, maintaining operational stability is arguably your most important objective. After all, your business—and your reputation—depend on your ability to provide strong and reliable service. Unfortunately, many service providers struggle with network downtime. While you might expect the frequency of network outages to be reducing year over year, … Read more

Why Care About Business Continuity?

Here’s the situation: As an Internet or Managed Service Provider, your network is facing countless risks that threaten its operational stability. After all, your network is a complicated entity with thousands of endpoints and links. Downtime can stem from many different causes. It can arise from something as simple as a configuration error, which we … Read more

How SD-WAN Can Help the Restaurant Industry

Here’s a question for you: What’s the most important business driver for a multi-site restaurant chain? The answer has nothing to do with food, equipment or even personnel. Hands-down, the most important element is connectivity. Think about it. In today’s ultra-connected world, a multi-site restaurant could not last 10 minutes without connectivity. When the network … Read more