How Could Your Organization Benefit from a Turnium Partnership?

Do you provide custom configurations, fulfillment, software licensing and managed services from a range of technology providers?

Are you struggling to maintain customer trust and engagement because of network and internet connectivity problems that are beyond your control?

Would you like to expand your product portfolio with a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage SD-WAN solution?

Meet Turnium.

We support IT consultants, MSPs and technology solutions providers — companies that work hard to earn and keep the trust of their clients as they provide software, IT, connectivity, and managed services to public and private sector customers.

We’ve been developing our industry-leading SD-WAN platform and building a global channel program since 2019. We launched our managed SD-WAN service in 2019 to support IT consultants, MSPs and technology providers with managed connectivity and networks to deliver their managed services with the highest reliability and quality of experience.

What will you get when you partner with Turnium?





An Innovative Solution

A True Partner

What Does Turnium Do?

Our goal at Turnium is to help our partners grow and thrive with a fully managed, easily deployed SD-WAN solution that offers the perfect blend of features, functionality and price. You don’t want to be the middleman when things go wrong. At Turnium, we give you total control over things that your clients care most about:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Business continuity
  • Reliable access to offsite applications, data and storage

But we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. So we maintain and manage all the back-end infrastructure and let you do the billing — and take all the credit — with your customers. More importantly, we can help you design, demonstrate and deploy custom solutions to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Do You Need SD-WAN?

Are you an IT consultant looking to provide customers with best-in-class solutions that:

  • Boost performance?
  • Are easy to deploy and support?
  • Increase customer satisfaction?
  • Offer reliable internet and network connections?
  • Support cloud migration strategies?
  • Save money?

SD-WAN lets you take conventional broadband connections from telecoms, cable companies and fixed wireless providers as well as mobile data from any provider and create a single “big connection” by aggregating all those circuits. We also apply our own IP address to the circuits, abstracting the control plane and management from the underlying circuit.

What does that mean for you?

  • Better bandwidth, performance and reliability
  • A more stable connection for your managed services, SIP trunks, hosted phone services and security solutions
  • The ability to sell more and better solve your clients’ connectivity problems

Ready to Get Started?

Like you, we want to know how we’re partnering with so we can ensure a workable, profitable relationship for us both. If you think a Turnium partnership might be right for your organization, there a couple of ways to proceed:

  • Schedule a call with our team for more information. We’ll help you understand our solution, let you see it in action with a live demo, answer your questions and build confidence that we can do what we say. Once you’re happy and all the details are settled, we’ll provide you with collateral to support your sales and work with you to help close initial deals you need to get going.
  • Reach out directly with your customers’ needs. If time is of the essence, we can speed up the process to get you on track. We’ll have a quick chat to make sure we’re the right fit, talk business terms and set up a partner agreement. As soon as that’s done, you can start submitting orders for your clients.

Become a Partner

Joining our partnership program is simple. Just push the button.