Your Questions, Answered

We provide customers with a complete solution including the Edge device (CPE), software image, or container (if using existing customer edge hardware) and the core managed SD-WAN network.

Customers simply deploy the Edge CPE, connect broadband internet circuits or other existing network connections and the Turnium network is live. Turnium can size and provide a Universal CPE (uCPE) to support multiple applications at the Edge such as Security or WAN Optimization if required.

Turnium is a subscription-based SD-WAN solution that is sold on a term basis. It is available to businesses and Channel Partners with pricing based on the number of sites deployed. Turnium plans can be found here. Contact us for more details here.

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN that allows businesses and enterprises to use any combination of transport services – MPLS, LTE, and internet services – to securely connect users, data, and applications.

An SD-WAN uses a centralized control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN for a high-quality user experience, resulting in increased business productivity, agility, reduced downtime, and reduced costs.

Yes, we can provide our managed SD-WAN using your existing Internet connection. To realize maximum benefit from SD-WAN, you should use multiple Internet circuits or broadband circuits from different telecoms or ISP. Turnium SD-WAN will aggregate the bandwidth from multiple circuits to give you better speeds and instant failover between the broadband circuits.

Yes, Turnium’s Layer 3-based SD-WAN can integrate with your existing Layer 2 network.

Turnium can support wireless circuits to provide additional layers of backup connectivity. We always recommend using off-board, Ethernet-connected wireless modems as this allows the antenna to be positioned for maximum signal strength and bandwidth. Data centers, rooms or closets are often located in areas in buildings where wireless signal strength is not excellent.

We enjoy the challenge inherent in this question! But yes, we can usually find a way to support unique deployment and management scenarios.

Yes, we can provide you with access to the Management Portal so you can see the status of your network at any time. Of course, to ensure uptime and availability, we might limit your access to certain features or capabilities.

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