Turnium SD-WAN is creating waves across industries, increasing network performance and reducing costs.


Worried about network reliability?

Turnium offers the Finance industry a tool to optimize key applications, improve in-brand customer experience, and link online behavior to in-person interactions–all while reducing operational costs.

Financial institutions face multiple industry challenges, but the increasing trend of online banking comes with its own set of risks. It’s more necessary than ever to focus on a strong in-branch customer experience and secure online banking. Turnium helps you optimize the performance of key applications (and, as a result, employees) while reducing your operational footprint and costs.


Face your competition with the help of Turnium SD-WAN.

Keep up with new technologies made to improve customer experience by implementing Turnium SD-WAN. Say yes to a network with dramatically better performance and lower costs.

The insurance industry faces ever-increasing online competition. Service providers need to improve the customer experience, and ensure high performance and business continuance when introducing new technologies (like AI). Turnium offers the most reliable network so you can dramatically increase performance and reduce costs.


Empower your retail brand with speed, performance, and flexibility.

Stay agile, react quickly to customer demands, and maximize the performance of in-store systems across multiple locations.

Success in the retail industry largely depends on the ability to quickly react and respond to customer demands. When moving into new markets, you should be able to maximize performance of in-store applications and systems while minimizing costs. Turnium’s high-speed, reliable network offers retailers a strong foundation on which you can address these needs.


Improve connectivity without increasing costs.

Give students and teachers unfettered access to the internet while reducing your costs on network services.

K-12 and Higher Education institutions are feeling the squeeze of managing costs while trying to address network performance demands for students, teachers, and distance education programs. Turnium’s high-speed, reliable network solutions provide the ultimate in performance and security for administrators while allowing uninterrupted internet access for students–all at a reduced cost.


Fast and reliable connectivity with zero-touch deployment.

Protect critical operations, especially IoT, with a network that ensures all locations run smoothly at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

The resource industry is experiencing a huge drive toward connectivity (such as equipment/machinery and monitoring systems used to ensure safety and environmental compliance), especially when it comes to fast and reliable connectivity between sites. With Turnium, you’ll find real-time operations run smoothly at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Onboarding is painless. Even remote sites (or mobile ones, like vehicles) can become a part of the Turnium network.


Turnium connects even the most remote sites.

Turnium SD-WAN helps the modern agriculture industry stay reliably and securely connected to remote sites and high maintenance equipment.

How can the modern agriculture industry stay connected when many sites are ‘off the grid’? You might have costly equipment in inaccessible locations, and monitoring has proven to be challenging. Turnium’s advanced network capabilities let you connect to even the most remote sites, offering you maximum performance, reliability, and security.

Reliably connect multiple locations with a network that gives you freedom to grow.