Common questions and information.


Common questions and information.

SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Networking) is a new approach to traditional WAN that provides all the WAN services in the cloud which dramatically simplifies the WAN.

Turnium SD-WAN is based on a core technology that has been in production networks since 2010. This is one of our core strengths and our foundation is mature and proven.

Turnium supports any broadband (fibre, cable, DSL, etc. static or dynamic), MPLS or LTE connections. In the case or MPLS or other private line connection, we require a Turnium aggregator on at least one customer site, otherwise the aggregation is cloud-based.

Turnium is a subscription cloud service that is site-based. We have three different sizes depending on throughput and numbers of broadband/LTE connections. No data maximums of hardware costs; everything included in the monthly price.

When a new site is ordered, it can be immediately created on the Turnium Orchestrator. If hardware is required it is shipped out. The device self-provisions, with routing, security, QoS and compression included.

With a Turnium solution the hardware is included. Alternatively you can choose to install on your own hardware or virtual machine, in which case Turnium will supply you the software.

Yes, Turnium SD-WAN encrypts all the data in transit using DTLS with three cipher strengths, AES128, AES256 and Salsa20. Turnium Cloud does not store any customer data.

We consider QoS as a requirement of any SD-WAN solution. We support respect standard QoS markings, CoS and DSCP as a minimum. Furthermore we can dynamically identify traffic and reclassify dynamically. Turnium is able to easily protect your most critical applications such as voice and video.

Static, OSPF, RIP, RIPv2 and BGP.

Turnium will not affect your existing internal routing environment. Through a consultation, we identify your existing environment and the Turnium cloud replicates your existing WAN so that you can simply move over to the Turnium cloud. This assumes you are using static, OSPF, RIP, RIPv2 or BGP.

If you are also using the cloud gateway service from Turnium, your default route will change to point to the Turnium cloud rather than your legacy gateway.

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