Turnium SD-WAN for Shipping

With multiple offices and many vehicles on the road, staying connected is everything.

For shipping companies with single or multiple offices – and 10 or 1000’s of vehicles on the road or in the water – staying connected is at the heartbeat of the business. Your offices, dispatch and call centres just can’t afford to lose access to the internet. For the drivers and operators – a solid internet connection both on the road and at home base is a must. They need to be in the right place at the right time with the right information for your services to be delivered to your customers. Connectivity is also directly linked with safety – both of your employees and potentially your customers.

Never lose connectivity at your offices, dispatch or call centres

Keep your operators and vehicles connected to HO at all times

Central cloud based management – have insight into all of your locations at all times

Deliver the best possible experience to your customers and employees

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Turnium SD-WAN simplifies your businesses wide-area-network allowing you lower costs while improving performance and reliability

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