What is SD-WAN?

Get network simplicity and performance with a cloud solution and user-friendly web interface.

What Turnium SD-WAN can do for you

Optimize Current Connections

Bond current technology using Turnium’s high-performance bonding engine.

Secure your Private Network

Create a full-mesh private WAN between all your locations

Define Network Rules

Segment your network to create different rules for teams and locations.

Policy Control

Customize performance with easily set application policies.

Network Security

Cloud-based firewalls, security algorithms, policies, and visibility protect your connections and data.

Software-defined WAN lets you forgo clunky hardware and hard-to-change infrastructure and move your network to the cloud. An easy-to-use web interface gives you full control of the entire system, no matter where you’re based.

For businesses who want to connect multiple locations with cost-effective broadband and maintain excellent security, SD-WAN is the perfect solution.


Turnium SD-WAN ensures the security of customer data in motion, through advanced industry-standard encryption such as AES-256. Furthermore as individual connections are split across multiple links, no one link contains valid data, increasing protection to new levels.

Deep packet inspection used in OMNI Controller allows application-layer detection of protocols, regardless of port being used. This means that it is possible to both detect known protocols on non-standard ports (e.g. detect http on ports other than 80), and also the opposite (e.g. detect Skype tra c on port 80). The vast array of supported protocols include “Business” protocols such as SAP, Citrix, as well as “desktop” protocols such as Dropbox and Spotify, as well as social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and variety of instant messengers.

OMNI Controller has an embedded decoder for SSL (both client and server) certificates, which allows identify encrypted protocols such Apple iCloud. OMNI Controller resides in Turnium Cloud and can be accessed from any web browser. All statistics are presented in the form of flows, that can be prioritized, blocked or rate-limited. Network administrators can apply advanced QoS and Secirity policies with the business needs in mind.


Turnium achieves incredible performance and efficiency with our Bonded Internet technology. By combining multiple connections from different providers, our SD-WAN takes your network from unreliable to world class, with over 99.999% uptime.

Turnium’s Bonding technology also provides 95%+ aggregate throughput (compared to 65% with competitors). Your company can scale with the confidence that network connectivity will keep up.

Value / Cost

Enjoy lower costs and better security with no need to upgrade your existing hardware. Forego the need for leased lines or MPLS. Just super-charged connectivity, all the time.

Turnium has developed SD-WAN into a subscription-based cloud solution that turns your existing technology into the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective network. With Turnium SD-WAN, you’ll get access to a virtual private network (VPN), as well as a web interface to manage your network and implement dynamic path selection in real time.

How your WAN is being used has real implications for your business. Get rid of the guesswork and long lead times. It’s more than a ‘nice-to-have’—it’s the game-changer your company needs.

Hybrid-WAN (MPLS/Broadband Hybrid)

By supporting aggregation on the customer premise Turnium SD-WAN can supplement an existing MPLS network with high-speed broadband, thereby increasing performance and reliability, without compromising security and  QoS in the WAN.

Traditional WAN

A traditional network setup.

  • Costly to operate and maintain
  • Complex to manage
  • Requires expensive equipment and infrastructure

Turnium SD-WAN

By moving the network management into the cloud (software-defined wide-area network), you simplify the network infrastructure and turn the most painful tasks of monitoring, managing, deploying and troubleshooting into an enjoyable web-based experience, delivered as a cloud service.

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