SASE: There’s Simply a Better Way To Do It

Re-think The Way You Build and Deliver Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), SD-WAN, and WAN Solutions for your Customers

Use Turnium’s disaggregated SASE platform to build your own SASE offering and Network-as-a-Service solution

Build Your Service Stack, Your Way

Why be stuck with the inflexibility that comes from reselling vertically integrated “all-in-one” packages?

Build on the orchestrators, security services, network management systems that you already have by choosing our SD-WAN platform and building the Managed Network and Security solutions you, and your customers need.

1. Leverage your investments in technology, sales, deployment, and support skill sets to use what you already have.
2. Brand and build unique offers while reducing operations costs with a multi-tenant platform that makes WAN solutions easy.

3. Reduce your operational workload with a true multi-tenant platform.

“Turnium’s SD-WAN helps us provide bandwidth and reliable business connections to our customers, no matter whether they are in urban or rural areas. Deploying Turnium’s platform has helped us build bundles of services and develop multiple unique service stacks to support a range of customer needs and sizes.”

Zachary, CEO,

Powerful enough to run global infrastructure, nimble enough for business agility

Give your customers flexible deployment options with our software-only, hardware-agnostic networking solution. Turnium SD-WAN is the only choice for containerized, virtual, or bare metal SD-WAN as part of your network, Edge Compute, Cloud, uCPE, or microCPE solutions.

We are the choice for Edge compute and Cloud extension.

We give you the ability to be the new demarcation point in each of your customers’ on premises solutions.

No more trouble tickets due to the quality, performance, or cost of last-mile circuits; no more trying to figure out what might have gone wrong.

Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Deploy our disaggregated SASE platform in your solution stack and differentiate your service delivery.

Enable your customers to reach their data, sites, and employees, anywhere.
Get control over your customer experience and your brand.

Run in any environment anywhere.

Deploy on bare metal, in virtual machines, or in containers.

Deploy in public or private cloud, in your data centers, or in any combination.

Licensing that enables you to put core nodes anywhere you need while expanding your footprint.

Or, use our fully-managed service and be hands off.

Enable your customers to reach their data, sites, and employees anywhere.

Why You Need
Cloud-Native SD-WAN

“Red Hat is committed to helping organizations automate and orchestrate telecom networks from the datacenter to the edge using container technologies. Turnium’s SD-WAN is a certified CNF for Red Hat OpenShift, making it easier for service providers to more quickly automate, orchestrate, and scale their networks.”

– Mark Longwell, Director of Alliances, Cloud Platforms, Red Hat
Cloud-Native enables you to spin up containerized workloads when needed and deployments are lighter as multiple operating systems are not needed.

Turnium’s optional Cloud-Native Network Function (CNF) is certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift®. (OpenShift® is Red Hat’s supported, enterprise-grade version of Kubernetes). Our CNF can be deployed in combination with our existing bare metal or virtual deployments. SD-WAN as a CNF enables you to:

Easily deploy and manage network connectivity to a uCPE or edge instance (cloud, bare metal, VM) running Red Hat OpenShift® (CNF Certified for Red Hat OpenShift)

Deliver Edge Compute and,
Cloud Extension services.

Take advantage of the orchestration built into OpenShift® to deploy, manage, and service-chain CNF across the network easily.

143% ROI in Year 1
Payback in less than 12 months

Turnium is focused on our partners’ success. With our SD-WAN solution and our business model specifically designed for service providers, partners generate real revenue and profitability.

Data points analyzed included:

Payback Month
Annual Return on Investment
Net Present Value (NPV)

Discover how Turnium Helps Partners Drive Financial Success

“Turnium’s technology and business model generates real revenue and substantial margin. Within 12 months of selling Turnium SD-WAN we recouped all our startup costs, including all infrastructure.”

– Director, Hosted Voice, Network, and Managed Security firm, APAC

Getting Started with Turnium SD-WAN

Turnium’s disaggregated SASE platform gives you options to deploy:

Add a global managed networking solution to your portfolio. Extend existing networks and build new services areas.

Deliver secure on-ramp. Control and manage the connectivity customers use to access your managed services.

Integrate with existing network, security offers, and operational systems using our full API for non-disruptive, lower-cost go-to-market and automation.

Build uCPE and microCPE to deliver edge compute, failover, and business continuity in a single device using our CNF Certified on Red Hat OpenShift® software. Or deploy on bare metal or virtual.

Connect IoT clusters to cloud services with reliable, multi-carrier connectivity for monitoring and automation.

Innovative, highly secure, air-gapped, stand-alone solutions for governments, shared services, and banking.

Securely extend your private cloud into public clouds.

Bring Off Net Sites On Net to extend your reach or integrate SD-WAN sites with existing networks.

Flexible Service Provider Licensing Models

Complete a Free PoC trial and get software updates, upgrades, and support included in all options.

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