SD-WAN Done Your Way

You already run managed security, voice, unified communications, contact center, remote desktop and other services in your stack.

It’s now time to re-think how your customers consume your managed services.

Build SD-WAN into your Service Stack

Networks have traditionally been black boxes and managed by telecoms and ISPs. With Turnium, the “networks” becomes another software application that you can deploy, run, and control along with the other applications in your stack. 

Control their experience and control the solutions that you use.

Re-think Your Business

Turnium gives you options.

Deliver Network-as-a-Service

Add managed software-defined networking to your portfolio. Deliver better customer experience and connect your customers data, applications, and people, anywhere. Deploy in your existing environment and add core nodes for free.

Profitable Growth

Turnium’s business models give you a unique high-margin recurring revenue stream while helping you optimize costs. Deliver hybrid cloud or hybrid network to help your customers evolve their businesses.


Turnium intelligently manages your network, provides visibility into critical data, network conditions, and helps you to scale up bandwidth simply and easily.


Deploy one site or thousands. Turnium makes it easy to integrate with legacy networks and bring new or remote sites on-net economically to help your customers grow. We also integrate with legacy networks to give you a migration strategy for your customers.

Integrate and Complement

Make your selling easier. Keep your existing solutions, like your. management, orchestration and alerting systems in place and add Turnium to secure customer data in-transit easily and simply. Don't manage meshed VPNs when Turnium can automate that for you.

Integrate Turnium SD-WAN into your business service stacks.

Watch Ray Mota from ACG Research in conversation with Turnium about SD-WAN’s primary function as a networking solution.

Disaggregated SD-WAN:
What Is It?

We say that we’re “Disaggregating SASE” and giving your Disaggregated SD-WAN because we’re giving you the control over your IT stack that you need.

We’re giving you the foundation to build any SASE solution set that your markets, verticals, or customers need. We’re enabling you to use the technologies that you already support and your customers already use.

We’re focused on SD-WAN the way it should be — a high-quality, robust, secure networking solution that replaces or augments traditional networks and delivers strong business value.

That’s why we’re helping you Build Your Stack, Your Way.