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Solution and Technical Briefs

Turnium for Voice and Video Providers
Delivering Quality Voice, UCaaS, and CCaaS
Turnium makes delivering quality VoIP, UCaaS, and Contact Center easier, more reliable, and more profitable. Give customers a failover solution that prevents calls in-progress from dropping. Turn on Quality of Service to prioritize real-time traffic. Reduce trouble tickets and win more customers. Upsell additional wireline or 4G, 5G connectivity, or low-earth orbit satellite services like Starlink.
Cloud Connectivity
Cloud Connectivity
Deliver uninterrupted cloud access with Turnium’s multi-carrier bonded failover, designed for MSP, MSSP, ISP, and Hosted Voice providers. Get fast failover between multiple circuits, prioritize application traffic, encrypt communications, and gain visibility to connectivity conditions. Benefit from our cost-effective solutions and simplicity.
Failover and Managed Connectivity
Failover and Managed Connectivity
Turnium gives you seamless failover between a primary and standby circuit, provides unparalleled visibility, and aggregates diverse circuits into a single failproof connection. MSP, MSSP, ISP, and telecoms use Turnium to enhance their customer experience and grow MRR.

Deliver Edge Compute, IoT Services, and Cloud Extension with Turnium SD-WAN

Deliver Edge Compute, IoT Services, and Cloud Extension with Turnium SD-WAN
Elevate connectivity with Turnium SD-WAN, seamlessly linking cloud services, IoT, and Edge Compute. Optimize networks and connections for secure, efficient operations across diverse environments, enhancing business performance and continuity.
Turnium Field Trial
A Field Trial with Turnium enables you to get hands-on with the Turnium platform and see it perform live. During a Field Trial, you get access to a cloud-based Management Server and Aggregator which you can connect to via a CPE in your lab or office.
Turnium SD-Access, SD-Light, SD-WAN Comparison
To help MSP, ISP, CSP, and VoIP, UCaaS, or CCaaS providers deliver and manage better last-mile access to their customers, Turnium has three product and service offerings: SD-Access, SD-Light, and SD-WAN.
Turnium Link Aggregation
Turnium Link Aggregation
Learn how to increase customer experience of managed services including voice, UC, contact center, backup, remote desktop, and security with Turnium’s link aggregation technology.
Turnium SD-WAN vs. MPLS
Turnium enables service providers to deliver connectivity services that are in many ways superior to traditional MPLS. See a comparison of the two solutions in this document.
Turnium Competitive Advantages for Partners
Turnium Competitive Advantages for Partners
As a Communications, Internet, or Managed Service Provider, Turnium gives you unique advantages. From business model to technology, delivering better customer and brand experiences starts with Turnium!
9 Key Attributes of SD-WAN for Delivering Successful Managed Services
Best Practices: 9 Key Attributes of SD-WAN for Delivering Successful Managed Services
This best practices documents describes key attributes Service Providers need to consider in evaluating SD-WAN platforms. Create an overlay network that you manage, gives you QoS over internet, easily replaces and extends VPN functionality, and more!
A Guide to Increasing UCaaS Sales
A Guide to Increasing UCaaS Sales
Managed and Cloud Service Providers can deliver increased customer experience for their cloud Voice, UCaaS, and other applications without engaging network providers in the process. There are solid business and technology reasons to adopt SD-WAN: enhance differentiation, reduce churn, and increase customer experience.
Turnium Voice and Video Summary
Turnium Key Benefits for Voice, UCaaS, and CCaaS
Voice, UCaaS, and Hosted Video providers can deploy Turnium to increase the availability and reliability of their services for single-site and multi-site customers while helping customers reduce cost and increase experience by delivering Quality of Service, even over internet connections.
Turnium for Voice Service Providers
Turnium for Voice Service Providers
Turnium gives hosted voice and contact center service providers a solution to increase the quality and performance of over-the-top services, while increasing customer experience. Read on and choose a deployment model that fits your needs best.
Best Practice Guide to Implementing SD-WAN
Best Practice in Hybrid Cloud and Networking
Take the confusion out of your SD-WAN deployment! Our guide will show you exactly how to get the most out of your SD-WAN implementation including invaluable insights into how to properly deploy multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and hybrid network solutions.
Advancing The Industrial Edge
Advancing The Industrial Edge
Keep your IIoT components running smoothly and securely with Turnium’s disaggregated SD-WAN solution. Read on to discover more!
Disaggregated SD-WAN for Service Providers
Learn how Turnium gives you a vendor-agnostic, disaggregated SD-WAN platform that is a foundation on which you can build your own unique SASE or managed service offerings.
Managed SD-WAN for Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Network
Turnium Managed SD-WAN offers an alternative to traditional telecom services. Deliver multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and hybrid network solutions that connect very site – and every public and private cloud service your customers need — cost effectively.
SD-WAN Technical Briefing
Designed for service providers, Turnium’s Disaggregated SD-WAN gives you the technology to grown your business. Download to learn how to build your own service stack and SASE offering.
Best Practices for Virtualization
Virtualizing Turnium Management Server, Aggregator Servers, and CPE/Edge devices makes provisioning and management easy. However, virtualization adds complexity for managing performance when multiple guests compete for the resources of a single host. Understand best practices for your organization.
Cloud Extension for a Single Secured Software Defined Network
Learn how Cloud Extension by Turnium enables service providers of all types to efficiently create a single secure software-defined network that spans multiple jurisdictions with a single point of management for their customers, opening up opportunities beyond just last-mile connectivity.
Secure Network Architectures Including Air-Gap Solutions
With packet-based Link Load Balancing – or packet-based distribution – data packets leaving a site are distributed across multiple circuits, making intercepts much less likely to succeed and with Turnium three additional architectures to deliver higher degrees of network security including pure Air-Gap and Air-Gap with Secured Control Plane.
Lanner and Turnium Product Architectures - A Partner Brief
Lanner Whitebox Solutions and Turnium Technology Group Inc have partnered to deliver a robust universal customer premise equipment (CPE) solution that provides private, secure multi-site networking, link aggregation or bonding with session preservation, and seamless wireless failover options.
SD-WAN for Rural Communities
Read how Turnium SD-WAN enables fast, reliable internet for Rural Communities and can deliver private municipal networking or be used by a municipality to deliver or augment community ISP services.
Managed and Unmanaged Mesh
Managed and Unmanaged Core Node Mesh are two modes available for configuring network routing. These modes are available on a per-network basis, giving you options when setting up private networks for your customers which make designing the back-end network for multi-site networks easier to meet advanced customer needs.
Connect Everything Anywhere with Turnium and Red Hat
Many businesses lack the skills, expertise and resources to build networks that support Internet and cloud service models. This creates challenges for end-users, who experience inconsistent quality of service, and for finance departments, who are sensitive to the high cost of implementation and maintenance. Red Hat and Turnium have teamed to deliver a complete SD-WAN networking solution with flexibility, management, reporting, and automation.
Turnium SD-WAN Adoption Executive Checklist
Turnium SD-WAN Adoption Executive Checklist
For any business considering SD-WAN, knowing how to properly evaluate potential vendors is essential. But with so many available vendors on the market, offering a variety of services and features, determining what to evaluate can be challenging. This checklist shows you how to properly evaluate SD-WAN vendors based on your unique business needs.
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Videos and Webinars

Start Here – Watch How Turnium Works

Start with these six short 3-minute videos to fully embrace why our SD-WAN is a powerful complement to your existing Managed Services.

Quick Links: Security | Telemetry | Quality of Service | Bandwidth Adaptation | Failover

Turnium's Global Mesh SD-WAN Networking

Introducing the concept of a protected Global Mesh in the upcoming launch of Turnium v7.0 software, where partners build network-as-a-service, leveraging Turnium SD-WAN. Experience efficient and secure routing of traffic with our new multi-gigabit tunnel architecture.

Turnium SD-WAN: Network Security and Data Protection

Service Providers need to help their customers secure their IT environments. In this video, we discuss how Turnium’s SD-WAN security features such as balancing algorithms and encryption help MSSP, MSP, ISP, UCaaS/CCaaS and other service providers deliver secure communications.

Turnium SD-WAN: Balancing Algorithms

Explore the efficiency of Turnium’s SD-WAN balancing algorithms – from Weighted Round Robin to Flowlet and IDMPQ. See how to achieve peak network performance.”

Per Packet Load Balancing

Turnium’s per-packet algorithms efficiently distribute traffic across all SD-WAN circuits, providing high availability and multi-carrier redundancy, including wireless options like broadband, fixed wireless, and LEO satellite for comprehensive service delivery.

Key Technical Benefits

Turnium offers a range of technical benefits to our partners. These include ensuring uninterrupted voice and video calls, maintaining secure sessions, optimizing performance, reducing costs, providing connectivity flexibility, and easy integration with your existing technology stack.

Demo Failover - Off the cuff

Experience Lightning-Fast Failover & Streamlined Networking! Turnium’s technology ensures no disruption during failovers, making the user experience seamless. We simplify network setup, allowing service providers to easily connect sites using multiple local ISPs at the same time. Our software manages networking, edge and core device programming, and failover. We remove complexity, effort, and help you cut costs. Deliver superior services effortlessly!

Virtual Tunnel: Any Internet Connection
Create regional, national, or global networks without carrier restrictions with Turnium! Learn how to tunnel to a site and network it with others. Hear how to build global networks without being tied to a specific carrier or telecom provider for all your sites.
OEM/White Label
Set your own pricing and use your own branding with Turnium! Build a unique or customized service by bundling with your existing managed services. Qualified Partners can host and manage the entire platform themselves within their own infrastructure. Deployment is quick and easy!
Turnium Overview
Turnium empowers your business by giving your customers reliable connectivity so they can use your VOIP, CSP, ISP, or MSP offerings without worrying about ISP failures or being connected to business-critical cloud applications. We provide white label options or managed services; host and deploy licensed software or resell our managed services — you decide!
Accelerate 5G Growth with IBM's Ecosystem & Platforms
Watch this video (registration required) to hear how IBM, Turnium, Equinix, and Exium deliver hybrid cloud to accelerate digital transformation and the transformation enabled by 5G.
Lanner uCPE NCA-1516 on Turnium’s Layer 3 Networking
Watch how this joint solution is built using Turnium’s cloud-native network function (CNF) certified SD-WAN solution embedded on Lanner’s newest white box network solution, the NCA-1516 uCPE.
Future-Proof Your Network Infrastructure with SD-WAN
Learn why SD-WAN is critical to protecting your network infrastructure from future unknown events.
WatchGuard Security Webinar
Discover why WatchGuard Security should be your first choice for network and end-point security. Check out our on-demand webinar — which includes a free demonstration of WatchGuard technology.
“Beyond 5G” Featuring Sandeep Panesar (SVP Strategic Engagement)
Turnium’s Sandeep Panesar recently sat down with DoubleTap TV’s Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo about this fascinating innovation. Specifically, they chatted about the evolution of mobile tech and how they envision a future beyond 5G networking.
ACG Research Fireside Chat Featuring Logan Campbell (CRO) and Geoff Hultin (CMO)
In this chat, Turnium’s Geoff Hultin and Logan Campbell sit down with ACG Research’s Ray Mota, to discuss SD-WAN, where it’s headed, and why SD-WAN must play a central role in any forward-thinking networking strategy.
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Discover Practical Approaches to Cloudify Edge Computing
Discover Practical Approaches to Cloudify Edge Computing with Turnium, Red Hat, Intel, and TietoEvry
A new whitepaper produced by Intel, Red Hat, TietoEvry, and Turnium demonstrates the benefits of shifting to software-defined containerized WAN environments.
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Success Stories

Quantum Case Study
Always-On Retail with Aggregated Wireline and Starlink Connections with Real-time Failover
A major retailer of home appliances needed to lower the cost of connectivity without sacrificing network reliability, inter-site communications, and access to PoS and Inventory Control systems.
Netview Case Study
Remote Site Reliable Access to Cloud Voice, Video, and Internet with Wireline, Wireless, and Starlink
Remote, multi-site community-based support organization gets reliable internet and access to IP voice, video, and cloud applications using Turnium to manage and integrate multiple Starlink, broadband, and fiber circuits into a single, easily managed network.
Rocky Mountaineer Success Story
Improving Internet Reliability to Deliver an Experience of a Lifetime
Rocky Mountaineer boosted internet reliability using Turnium’s SD-WAN, seamlessly aggregating LTE wireless and satellite connections for stable connectivity across challenging mountainous terrain.
1Wire Success Story
SD-WAN Helps 1Wire Fiber Take Their VoIP Delivery to the Next Level
1Wire Fiber deployed Turnium to provide the network and quality of experience necessary to ensuring a quality voice experience. Turnium gave 1Wire the ability to manage and control the network and resulting application experience end-to-end for each of their customers.
Audio Success Story
1Wire CEO Adam Sessions on Why Turnium Improves His NetSapiens UCaaS Business

Adam Sessions, 1Wire CEO and Turnium partner since 2017 describes how Turnium’s SD-WAN platform helps him increase customer experience, solve customer problems (even before customers know they exist), and, help him modernize and drive better, more reliable services. 

Becom Success Story

Becom VeloCloud Replacement
Discover how Becom Systemhaus utilized Turnium’s SD-WAN to outperform VeloCloud, win new customers, and minimize risk with their incremental, per branch, onboarding process.
Clear Connections Success Story
Clear Connections Delivers Reliable, Cost-effective SD-WAN to Wexford County Council
When the Wexford County Council’s new budget called for a reduction of its networking costs across 43 sites, it knew it needed a partner with a proven ability to deliver simplified networking results. Read on to learn how service provider Clear Connections helped Wexford save £43,000 by implementing Turnium’s reliable, simplified, and cost-effective SD-WAN solution.
Morewave Success Story
SD-WAN Solution for COVID-19 Testing and Assessment Centre
During a public health crisis like COVID-19, reliable networking solutions are critical to giving healthcare workers secure and timely access to vital patient health records. Read on to learn how the Burnaby Division of Family Practice was able to seamlessly upload testing results from remote Covid testing facilities thanks to Morewave’s SD-WAN, powered by Turnium.
QXnet Success Story
QX.Net Delivers Superior Services to the Bluegrass State with Turnium SD-WAN
As Kentucky’s largest independent internet service provider, QX.NET prides itself on providing its customers with the fastest, most reliable internet connections available. So when an emergency internet project roll-out struck, the company turned to Turnium and our disaggregated SD-WAN solution to help them deliver.

Global Law Firm Success Story

Global Law Firm Transitions from MPLS to Turnium Managed SD-WAN

Locked into costly MPLS networking contracts across many of its regions, a global law firm wanted a more cost effective way to access reliable and secure networking. Read on to learn how Turnium’s SD-WAN solution helped this customer save money and achieve superior flexibility in its networking.

Candor Success Story
How Candor Cloud Uses Turnium SD-WAN to Simplify Cloud Migration
Candor is a partner-focused cloud enablement firm that serves clients of all shapes, sizes and verticals across the US. Candor’s teams support their customers’ cloud journeys. A certified Azure reseller, Candor partnered with Turnium to add a white-labeled software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution to its offerings. Candor understood the benefits of SD-WAN in general but saw clients resisting the technology because of the complexity and cost of implementation. They chose Turnium.
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Economic Studies

The Economic Impact of Turnium SD-WAN
This study examined seven channel partners who had used Turnium’s white-label, fully partner-hosted SD-WAN platform for less than 14 months or over three years. These parters generated 143% ROI in year 1 and 2,645% ROI over a four-year period. Read about the Impact that Hosting and Selling Turnium SD-WAN to build Your Service Stack and Brand could have on Your Bottom Line.