Great Customer Experiences Start With Connectivity

Customers buy your managed services for your quality.

What if you could differentiate your service delivery and build great customer experience at the same time?

Manage and Control the Last Mile

Poor or unreliable connectivity reflects on you because end-users can’t differentiate network from application experience. Turnium’s SD-WAN enables you to deliver Network-as-a-Service and manage how your customers connect to their customers, employees, applications, and data anywhere.

Run Turnium SD-WAN on any x86 server or white-box edge device

Supports bare metal servers, virtual environments, or Kubernetes containers (edge nodes)
Edge and core nodes can be deployed anywhere and everywhere

Complement Your Existing Tech and Managed Services with Turnium's Disaggregated SD-WAN

Our wholesale, white label SD-WAN platform is the foundation that enables you to build your unique offers that leverage your investments in existing technologies and skillsets. Run Turnium’s software-only platform in the public cloud (including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud) and private cloud, use multiple carriers, integrate with existing networks, failover to 4G or 5G, and control everything to improve your customer experience.

Build and Brand Your Own SASE and End-to-End Security Offers

Turnium gives you secure Layer 3 networking as your foundation. Build your complete network, security, and management service stack over top of a foundation that gives you:

A secure on-ramp and off-ramp for networks

Secure multi-cloud connectivity

Hybrid network connecting

Encryption for data in-transit

Leverage advanced routing, path selection and the Internet backbones of multiple carriers to deliver resilient and redundant networks

Route traffic from anywhere

True QoS for real-time and priority applications

Single IP for each site to prevent circuit failures in the SD-WAN from terminating real-time or secure sessions

Multi-link packet load balancing to increase survivability, business continuity, and mitigate data interception

Failover to multiple wired and wireless circuits

Build your complete solutions over top of Turnium’s networking foundation

  1. Layer your Security-as-a-Service environment on top to build the SASE solutions appropriate for your customers.
  2. Use Turnium SD-WAN to front-end and deliver secure link aggregation or bonded networking.
  3. Bundle in your ZTNA, SWG, NGFW, CASB, Identity Management, Application management.
  4. Integrate with your deployment, management, orchestration, and reporting tools
  5. Add other Edge compute applications, using Turnium’s SD-WAN as the connectivity to connect sites and provide dynamic application management and deployment on your uCPE.

Customer Success Stories

1Wire Success Story

SD-WAN Helps 1Wire Fiber Take Their VoIP Delivery to the Next Level

1Wire Fiber of Salt Lake City, Utah deployed Turnium to provide the network and quality of experience necessary to ensuring a quality voice experience. Turnium gave 1Wire the ability to manage and control the network and resulting application experience end-to-end for each of their customers. 1Wire can use any Internet circuit available at each customer site to provide Quality of Service (QoS), better ROI, and redundancy. As shown in the case study below, Turnium allowed 1Wire to design and deliver a network that allows voice services to be delivered reliably and consistently.

Also check out the video of Adam Sessions, 1Wire CEO to find out how Turnium improves his NetSapiens UCaaS business.

This Turnium channel partner provides a global networking and orchestration solution “as-a-service” and licensed Turnium’s white-label SD-WAN software platform to round out their offering.

According to the CTO, “We added Turnium SD-WAN to our network orchestration stack because it was the only one that provided a full API. To deploy and manage our networks globally, we needed to deploy software-defined networking in the core and through distributed POPs to the customer edge. Turnium’s API gave us the ability to deploy, manage, reconfigure, and report on SD-WAN services using our existing toolsets.”

Integrating Turnium’s SD-WAN into its offering using API calls gives this company the ability to present a single interface to their customers that provides command and control over networking, SD-WAN, and the devices that are being orchestrated by the company’s solution. Turnium’s integration flexibility and business model make this a compelling technology and business solution.

Read other exciting success stories
Becom Success Story

Becom VeloCloud Replacement

Becom Systemhaus is a German IT and MSP company that specializes in the implementation of local and global site networking utilizing SD-WAN technology. As network experts, the company prides itself on providing innovative networking solutions that are fine-tuned to the unique needs of each of its customers.

And it’s this very commitment to providing customized top-tier networking solutions that won the business of electrical supply company, ElectriCo. Dissatisfied with the service of its existing network service provider (VeloCloud), ElectriCo sought to find a new provider. After meeting Becom, the company was immediately impressed by Becom’s robust SD-WAN solution. Powered by Turnium, this fully customizable, scalable, and reliable SD-WAN solution was exactly the networking answer ElectriCo needed to deliver responsive service to its user base.

Candor Cloud Success Story
Candor is a partner-focused cloud enablement firm that serves clients of all shapes, sizes and verticals across the US. Candor’s teams support their customers’ cloud journeys. A certified Azure reseller, Candor partnered with Turnium to add a white-labeled software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution to its offerings. Candor understood the benefits of SD-WAN in general but saw clients resisting the technology because of the complexity and cost of implementation. They chose Turnium because Turnium is:

  • Simple — It’s easy to implement and maintain
  • Carrier-agnostic — It works with existing MPLS contracts
  • Cost-effective — It provides a superior solution at a fraction of the price of competitors
  • Flexible — It allows deployments to grow and change as businesses do
  • High-performance — Its built-in failover capabilities assure reliable, resilient connectivity
  • White-label — It allows Candor to sell it as their own product, not as a reseller.
Clear Connections

Clear Connections Delivers Reliable, Cost-effective SD-WAN to Wexford County Council

Clear Connections is an IT service provider based in the UK. Experts in simplifying the complex world of telecommunications, Clear Connections prides itself on its reputation for delivering value-added and best-in-class solutions to its clients.

So when the Wexford County Council contacted Clear Communications about a need to reduce its networking costs and shift away from its current costly MPLS network, Clear Connections jumped at the opportunity.

Beginning with a three-site proof of concept using Clear Communication’s SD-WAN solution, powered by Turnium, the IT provider quickly demonstrated to Wexford the enormous cost savings that could be reaped by shifting to SD-WAN. Since shifting to Clear Communication’s SD-WAN, powered by Turnium, Wexford has saved £1,000 per site.

Global Law Firm Transitions from MPLS to Turnium Managed SD-WAN

The Canadian arm of a global law firm deployed Turnium Managed SD-WAN to eliminate their networking challenges. Locked into staggered MPLS contracts at multiple sites, the law firm needed a solution to improve network efficiency, performance, and security, reduce costs and complexity, and deliver a migration strategy away from MPLS to SD-WAN over time.

Turnium enabled the firm to deploy Turnium Managed SD-WAN network alongside existing MPLS circuits. This increased site speed and resilience and allowed for a multi-step strategy to transition to an internet-based encrypted network as the contracts for each MPLS circuit expired.

The Turnium solution gave the law firm a way to improve network resilience and security without facing the hefty costs that would come from breaking contracts with their telecom provider:

  • Improved performance and security: SD-WAN bonded multiple circuits from multiple carriers improving bandwidth and providing security in-transit
  • Reduced complexity and cost: Eliminated the cost and telecom vendor management challenges
  • Enhanced Business Continuity: SD-WAN increased survivability while reducing costs
  • Increased Resilience: In addition to Turnium’s packet-level traffic distribution, LTE backups provided higher network resilience
  • Compliance with Security Regulations: encrypting data in-transit ensured the firm meets Canadian requirements.
“Other solutions we reviewed were either running in circuit failover mode, had high up-front capital costs for hardware, or were overly complex to design and deploy.”

— Manager of IT Infrastructure

Morewave Success Story

SD-WAN Solution for COVID-19 Testing and Assessment Centre

Morewave Communication Inc. is a technology service provider based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 1998, Morewave provides enterprise fibre, colocation, network design, digital signage, SD-WAN, and more to customers of various backgrounds, including public health providers, local government, and emergency services.

When Covid-19 hit, the Burnaby Division of Family Practice — a non-profit that supports physicians in the City of Burnaby and a Morewave customer — suddenly became tasked with the rollout of testing facilities throughout the community. One such initiative was the Covid Testing and Assessment Centre (CTAC) — mobile testing facilities placed in parking lots to make it easier for potentially ill residents to access without entering a hospital. As part of its delivery, the Division needed a networking solution that would enable physicians to seamlessly access and update patient records from a remote location. To help them out, the Division turned to Morewave’s SD-WAN solution, powered by Turnium.

QX.Net Delivers Superior Services to the Bluegrass State With Turnium SD-WAN

QX.Net provides Kentucky’s largest dedicated wireless internet network and operates in surrounding states. has 20 years of experience delivering unique business solutions as well as voice and data solutions for call centers, HIPAA compliance, and networks connecting branch offices to headquarters locations, regionally or internationally.

QX deployed Turnium in 2018 when QX was looking for an SD-WAN solution for a large and time-sensitive project. The QX.Net team researched the SD-WAN market but none of the mainstream vendors met their specific technology requirements.

“When we first engaged with Multapplied, we were immediately impressed by the team’s understanding of our business and their technical knowledge of the use cases we were striving for,” said Alex Ball, Vice President of QX.Net.

QX.Net valued the white-label nature of the solution. “We could sell our own-brand SD-WAN immediately,” said Ball. “This was a key deciding factor for us as we wanted our QX.Net brand attached to the SD-WAN solution.” Of all the vendors evaluated, Turnium was the only one that permitted them to run everything on their own infrastructure and equipment. “Our success is leveraged on our own infrastructure and equipment so we wanted to make sure that whatever we selected could be owned and controlled entirely by us,” said Ball.

Finally, Turnium’s feature set and business model mapped perfectly to QX.Net’s requirements.