For Global Infrastructure and Connected Enterprises

Connect everything into a single, routed and managed network.

Turnium weaves all your customer’s assets including vehicles, IoT devices,  applications, and data from any cloud into a single secured network, using multiple circuits from multiple carriers. Or even be deployed as a secure dedicated instance for individual customers.

Be the Vendor of Record

Deploy your own branded hardware for edge devices and deploy networks that connect your customers’ branches, offices, data centers, and cloud-based resources anywhere.

Extend your managed network services quickly and easily into new geographies without the expense, labor, and time required to open new points-of-presence. Leverage the reach of public cloud providers* to launch SASE or SD-WAN services in new territories that were previously inaccessible.

*Some public cloud providers support networking better than others. To deploy your SD-WAN in a public cloud, give us a call, we’ve got the experience to make sure that project is successful.

Build Your Own SASE or Network-as-a-Service Offers

Leverage your existing in-house technologies and skill sets to differentiate and build your own Network-as-a-Service or SASE offers. By Disaggregating SASE, Turnium gives you the foundation; you add the security solutions and other technologies to customize your offers.

Your customers already have security preferences so give them integration, not rip-and-replace!

Deploy on Red Hat OpenShift(r), IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, and IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation

Turnium Edge Nodes are CNF certified on Red Hat OpenShift and run in IBM Cloud for Telecommunications.
Deploy IBM’s Cloud Pak for Network Automation to manage and automate your networks.

Red Hat’s OpenShift® container environment provides scalable and easily managed deployments;

Turnium’s cloud-native containerized SD-WAN can be deployed directly from within Red Hat Openshift® and its marketplace for containerized workloads;

Red Hat Openshift® also provides management and monitoring functionalities that complement Turnium’s Management Server capabilities.

Available on Lanner uCPE
Turniun SD-WAN is also available embedded on Lanner’s uCPE NCA-1515, available with 4G today and design ready for 5G and WiFi 6. Contact us to learn more about this bundled offer.

Capabilities That Grow Your Business

Scalable Multi-tenant Technology

Multi-tenant core nodes allow you to support multiple end-customer networks on each core node and scale core nodes in your data centers or clouds as usage expands.

Give your wholesale partners their own branded space on the Management Server to support their own customers.

No-Charge Core Node Licenses

Turnium’s licensing model makes includes no-charge core nodes.

Why do we do this? Because we believe it should be easy for you to expand your expand your capacity and reach without increased license costs. Support more customers, open up new markets, deploy dedicated infrastructure for critical customers, and improve your profit margins.

This model also helps you place core nodes close to your customers, limiting latency and tromboning.

Secure Architectures

Turnium SD-WAN enables you to deploy highly secure architectures for specific customers that need dedicated environments for security.

Pure Air-Gap

Build networks that are 100% Air-Gap. Enable customers to use their existing connectivity (private fiber, cable, or wireless) to build, manage, and control their own SD-WAN and host their own Management Server.

Air-Gap with Secured Control Plane Support

Deploy Air-Gap architectures, but provision a direct, out-of-band (OOB) connection to the Management Server for remote support and updates.

Learn more about Secure Air-Gap deployments.