Turnium SD-Access

The Solution to ISP Downtime, Connectivity Issues, and Customer Churn

Even companies with a single location demand business-grade connectivity. Turnium SD-Access solves Servie Provider and customer challenges with connectivity and quality.

Keep Your Single-Site Customers Connected

Ensure that your customers stay connected to the internet and your hosted, managed services. Deliver a better customer experience, business continuity, and “always-on” connectivity.

Turnium SD-Access uses a customer’s existing primary internet, and automatically fails over to a backup internet or wireless connection without manual intervention. You can upsell the backup circuit yourself or have the customer provide it.

Visibility, Performance, QoS, and Hosted Applications

Stay ahead by monitoring customer connectivity. Identify issues such as jitter, latency, packet loss, and flapping before receiving a support call.

Improve the quality of voice and other applications delivered over the internet. Bi-directional Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that high priority traffic is sent first.

Use Tunnel Bypass to ensure that only traffic from your hosted applications hits your data centers.

Secured Communications, Simpler and Better Than a VPN

Get the same encryption as VPN (AES 128/256) with added benefits like QoS, Tunnel Bypass, easy deployment, a GUI for Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes and automated configuration!

Simplify your workflow, reduce complexity and costs and give your customers higher reliability.

Order Now and Enjoy Service Provider Benefits

Turnium is priced to make it easy and affordable for Service Providers to deliver service to single-site customers. As an existing Turnium Partner, contact your sales rep to add SD-Access to your portfolio now!

Service Provider Benefits

Turnium SD-Access delivers:

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