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Turnium SD-WAN is your choice for a software-only disaggregated SD-WAN that you can deploy in containerized, virtual, or bare metal environments.

Choose how to deploy Turnium – as a DIY platform that you host, control, brand, and price – or resell our existing managed SD-WAN service to get-to-market quickly.
Embed Our Wholesale, Disaggregated SD-WAN Into Your Stack Resell Turnium's Managed SD-WAN
Software-only so you can deploy in your existing data center environment, likely in existing virtual environments Quick startup – train your sales teams and start selling
Highly scalable, multi-tenant core nodes support multiple customers and sites in their own routable spaces or allow you to set up spaces for your wholesale resellers. No infrastructure costs, no training costs, no management costs, no CPE acquisition costs.
You host the core nodes and management server (orchestrator) in your infrastructure or put some core nodes in your data centers and others in cloud facilities or even customer sites. You control everything, including provisioning, updates, and upgrades from your own management server. We provide the data centers, hosting, and management. Optional deployment models include core nodes you can host or deploy in end-customer data centers to optimize performance and support complex networks and integrations.
Option to deploy dedicated environments for customers with complex networks, integration requirements, or need for Air-Gapped security requirements. We provide the CPE and ship to you, or to your end-customer directly.
Efficient use of IP addresses, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6. Deploy multiple private networks for customers with automated distributed network configuration at the core and the edge. Buy at a discount from our MSRP and mark up yourself OR sell at our MSRP and receive a commission. It’s your choice.
Promote your brand and differentiate your service and solution offerings in the market. Don’t sell the same stuff as everyone else! Sell something that makes you unique!
Off-the-shelf x86 CPE hardware gives you a branding AND a margin opportunity while saving you money on support contracts and licensing.
A great licensing model that gives you a fixed cost, per site, on a monthly subscription, regardless of the bandwidth your customers use. This translates to pure margin for you!

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