About Turnium

Turnium started developing software in 2012 as Multapplied Networks. Over the years, we’ve built software that powers software-defined wide area networks and profits for service providers across the globe.

Our goal is to develop the software that powers the networking layer for our partners. Not just a complement to other networking technologies, Turnium is a transformative solution that enables service providers to build their own unique stacks of services using our software as a foundation. This is why we call our platform a “Disaggregated SASE” or “Disaggregated SD-WAN” solution. We power the networking, our partners provide the security, management, orchestration, AI applications, and other managed services.

With our software-only technology, channel partners can launch managed network-as-a-service offers that support their customers anywhere and connect every customer data and device everywhere. Our software can be deployed on any x86 device as bare metal, in virtual environments, and in containers. We connect public and private clouds, we enable hybrid networks, we make uCPE possible (and affordable), and we integrate with orchestrators, network management systems, and service providers offerings across the globe.

A Software-Only Networking Platform

As a software-only platform, we’re not reliant on proprietary hardware and we’re not beholden to a history of legacy hardware revenue streams.

We can build software and offer licensing models that simply work for our partners. Our simple, straightforward licensing models are designed with service providers in mind and are designed to match license costs with revenues, to be easy to quote, and to minimize CAPEX and OPEX. We offer our software as both a DIY, Wholesale software platform that service providers can host, manage, control, brand, and price and as a Managed Service that can be resold by IT Consultants and VAR.

Service Providers Choose Turnium

Turnium is brought to you by Turnium Technology Group, Inc. To learn more about Turnium Technology Group, Inc. please visit ttgi.io.
Service Providers choose us because we deliver a disaggregated software-only Layer 3 managed network-as-a-service platform that enables them to build their own unique bundled offers for specific verticals, markets, and customer segments.

CNF Certified with RH OpenShift for container deployments with enterprise-grade scale and support.

IBM ROKS certification (Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Service) for deployment in IBM Cloud using OpenShift-as-a-Service.

Deployable in Debian, OpenSUSE Leap, and virtualization environments.

Non-proprietary hardware for optimized cost, sparing, and procurement.

Seamless failover across multiple wired or wireless circuits for multi-carrier survivability.

Packet-based link load balancing, built-in encryption, and automatic configuration simplifies deployment, management, and increases security.

Managed service reseller licensing option for IT consultants and VAR.

White-label, partner-hosted licensing option designed for telecommunication service providers, managed service and internet service providers.

In The Press

All The Latest

Turnium Press Release

Turnium and Quantum Internet Solutions Support the Ukrainian Safe Haven Project on Vancouver Island

May 17, 2022, Vancouver, Canada – Turnium Technology Group Inc. (TTGI) and Quantum Internet Solutions are pleased to announce their joint support of the Ukrainian Safe Haven Project.

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Turnium Press Release

Resilient edge compute and cloud extension networks from Lanner Electronics and Turnium

March 01, 2022, Vancouver, Canada – Today, Turnium Technology Group Inc. and Lanner Electronics Inc. are excited to announce the availability of TTGI’s and Lanner’s joint edge compute solution.

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Turnium Press Release

Turnium Technology Group Inc. Lights Up Central and South America

February 14 2022, Vancouver, Canada – Turnium Technology Group, Inc., (“TTGI”), announces today that it has concluded a new channel partner agreement with the fastest growing wholesale telecom provider in Latin America.

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Turnium Press Release

TD SYNNEX signs managed SD-WAN deal with Turnium

February 3 2022, Vancouver, Canada – Turnium Technology Group, Inc. is pleased to announce it has signed a managed services agreement with TD SYNNEX.

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Turnium Press Release

Turnium Technology Group Inc. expands with Halifax Development Center

Turnium’s development team benefits from access to skilled developers and 24% growth in the Nova Scotia technology workforce. January 12, 2022, North Vancouver, Canada – …

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Turnium Press Release

Turnium Technology Group Inc., Appoints Juliet Jones as CFO and Andrea Pearmain as COO-Corporate

November 22 2021, Vancouver, Canada – Turnium Technology Group, Inc., (TTGI), today announced Juliet Jones as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Andrea Pearmain as Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Corporate.

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