Ensuring Always-On Connectivity for Retail with Turnium and Quantum Internet Solutions

Quantum Acquires Always-On Retail Connectivity with Turnium

In the competitive retail industry, maintaining continuous and reliable connectivity is critical. Retailers rely on robust network solutions to support operational systems, including point of sale (PoS) systems, inventory management, and inter-branch communications. Turnium (TSXV:TTGI.V) and Quantum Internet Solutions Ltd. have teamed up to deliver an innovative solution that ensures seamless connectivity and business continuity.

The Challenge

A major retailer of home appliances faced the challenge of reducing connectivity costs while ensuring network reliability and access to PoS and Inventory Control systems across over 25 locations. Traditional wireline technologies were expensive and not always available in all areas, creating a need for a more versatile and cost-effective solution.

The Solution

Quantum Internet Solutions, a Hybrid OEM partner with Turnium, deployed Turnium’s SD-WAN platform in conjunction with multiple wireline and Starlink connections across the retailer’s network of sites. This deployment enabled Quantum to provide the retailer with a more reliable and cost-effective inter-branch corporate network.

By leveraging Turnium’s SD-WAN technology, Quantum simplified the integration of broadband and Starlink services. The Turnium platform automatically handles network and CPE programming, activation, and configuration.

Improving Retail Connectivity

Real-Time Failover and Enhanced Performance

Turnium SD-WAN offers real-time failover capabilities, ensuring that transactions and communications are not interrupted, even in the event of an ISP outage or natural disaster. Aggregating wireline and Starlink connections enables Turnium to provide higher performance and reliability, ensuring that business-critical applications remain available and transactions can be completed to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Nathan Demchuk, Principal at Quantum Internet Solutions Ltd., states,

"It’s easy to give customers a great experience while saving them headaches and money using Starlink and Turnium. It’s a great solution for companies with spread-out office locations that need to optimize cost, performance, and reliability."

Simplified Management and Visibility

Turnium’s user-friendly interface allows for easy activation of QoS, encryption, and other features on SD-WAN links. The platform provides comprehensive charts and performance tracking, enabling operations teams to monitor network performance and report on downtime avoided. This visibility helps in quickly diagnosing issues and ensuring a high-quality experience for both staff and customers.

Improving Retail Connectivity

With Turnium and Quantum Internet Solutions, retailers can achieve significant improvements in network reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. This partnership ensures that retailers can maintain always-on connectivity, supporting their sales, customer service, and global supply chain management.

For more information on how Turnium and Quantum Internet Solutions can transform your retail connectivity, visit Turnium.com (TSXV:TTGI.V) or contact Quantum Internet Solutions at sales@quantuminternetsolutions.com.

Quantum Case Study

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Always-On Retail with Aggregated Wireline and Starlink Connections with Real-time Failover