Enhancing Business Continuity: The Power of Failover and Managed Connectivity

Failover and Managed Connectivity

In a hyper-connected world, ensuring uninterrupted access to cloud services is paramount for businesses of all sizes. The challenge is even more significant for single-site businesses that demand reliable internet connectivity and seamless failover solutions to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Understanding the Challenge

Small and medium-sized businesses, laden with multiple web applications critical to their daily operations, face the constant need for robust and affordable connectivity solutions. However, traditional networks, including broadband, 4G, or 5G, often do not provide the necessary reliability and real-time traffic management required for seamless business continuity.

“The average small business uses up to 17 different web applications including POS, banking/payroll, bookkeeping, Facebook, Instagram, online documents, google advertising, voice calling, video/music streaming.”

Enter Aggregation

Traditionally, combining various circuits from different ISPs into a single, cohesive, and manageable connection posed a challenge. Likewise, achieving swift failover between disparate circuits without disruption was a rarity — until now.

Introducing Turnium's Solution:

Turnium revolutionizes connectivity by enabling the aggregation or bonding of multiple circuits, irrespective of the ISP, into a unified and managed connection. This approach ensures uninterrupted connectivity and built-in failover, safeguarding businesses from disruptions.

What’s more, Turnium gives MSP, MSSP, ISP, and telecom that deploy Turnium visibility to network conditions that affect hosted application performance and customer satisfaction. This enables service providers to sell a new monthly recurring service that helps them identify and solve problems, instead of dealing with tickets related to connectivity.

Empowering Business Continuity

Empowering Business Continuity

Turnium’s software-defined reliability empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Telecommunication companies to deliver unparalleled connectivity and failover solutions. The technology facilitates failover connections to activate in an astonishing 300 milliseconds, ensuring seamless transitions without dropping critical calls or secure sessions.

Key offerings include:

Simplified Deployment, Amplified Profits

Joining Turnium’s Reseller program unveils a world of opportunities for businesses seeking swift market entry and impressive profit margins. Resellers under Turnium’s Partner Program can benefit from substantial margins, reaching up to 100%.

Turnium provides invaluable support, assisting in sales and provisioning for each site to ensure flawless execution. Resellers capitalize on a unique software-defined solution, offering customers enhanced bandwidth, secure access to cloud services, encrypted communications, and an affordable failover strategy.

Your Next Step: Empower Business Continuity

For businesses looking to fortify their connectivity and ensure uninterrupted operations, Turnium stands as the beacon of reliability and seamless failover solutions.

Contact Turnium today to explore how you can transform your business’s connectivity landscape and embrace uninterrupted operations in the digital era.