Reliable Remote Access with Turnium and Netview Consulting

Netview Achieves Reliable Remote Access with Turnium

Ensuring reliable access to cloud-based applications, voice, and video services is challenging for organizations operating in remote areas. Turnium (TSXV:TTGI) and Netview Consulting Inc. have collaborated to provide a robust solution that guarantees seamless connectivity for multi-site organizations, even in the most difficult terrains.

The Challenge

Delivering cloud-based applications, video conferencing, and IP-based telephony to a 30-site community service organization spread across Northern Ontario presents significant challenges. The difficult, wild terrain, lack of roads, and large distances meant that many sites had to rely on unreliable wireless links or were limited to dial-up services with speeds as low as 100 kilobits per second.

The Solution

Netview Consulting, a leader in business networking and cybersecurity solutions, utilized Turnium’s SD-WAN technology to overcome these challenges. By combining multiple wireline, wireless, and Starlink connections, Netview was able to deliver reliable internet and cloud application experiences to each of the organization’s 30 sites.

Turnium’s SD-WAN platform allowed Netview to aggregate multiple wireline, wireless, or Starlink circuits at each site, increasing bandwidth and enhancing the performance of internet and voice/video services. Turnium’s sub-second failover capability across aggregated circuits ensured that no site was completely disconnected if a single, or even multiple circuits failed. Turnium’s ability to deliver Quality of Service (QoS) across internet circuits enabled Netview to improve the quality of voice and video communications, enabling the organization to utilize cloud-based applications for better inter-site communications and coordination.

Ensuring Reliable Connectivity

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Turnium’s platform automates network programming and provides Netview with comprehensive visibility and control over network performance. This visibility allows for quick diagnosis and resolution of issues, ensuring a high-quality experience for end-users. Mike Millar, Principal at Netview Consulting Inc., highlights the impact of Turnium’s solution:

"Turnium greatly improves performance, speed, and reliability of the voice, video, and other hosted or internet-based applications that are critical to delivering on our customer’s mission and mandate."

Ensuring Reliable Connectivity in Challenging Environments

With Turnium and Netview Consulting, even the most remote and challenging environments can achieve reliable and high-performance network connectivity. This partnership empowers organizations to overcome geographical barriers, ensuring continuous access to critical cloud applications, voice, and video services. By integrating multiple connection types, including wireline, wireless, and Starlink, Turnium provides a seamless and efficient solution for remote site connectivity.

Discover how Turnium’s innovative SD-WAN technology can transform your network infrastructure and ensure reliable connectivity for your remote operations. Visit (TSXV:TTGI) or contact Netview Consulting at for more information.

Netview Consulting Case Study

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Remote Site Reliable Access to Cloud Voice, Video, and Internet with Wireline, Wireless, and Starlink