Maximize Connectivity and Control with Managed On-Ramp for Service Providers

IT and Cloud Provider Managed On-Ramp Advantages

IT and cloud service providers face the dual challenge of delivering exceptional customer experiences while maintaining control over customer experience. Last-mile network connections introduce confounding variables that IT and cloud providers cannot control. Turnium gives service providers tools to resolve these challenges.

Discover Turnium and your competitive advantage. Deploy Turnium as your managed on-ramp platform to control your customer experience and differentiate your brand.

Turnium Competitive Advantages for Partners
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Turnium Competitive Advantage for Partners

Business Model: Empowering Service Providers

Turnium’s managed on-ramp solution offers a unique business model tailored to the needs of service providers. By enabling SMB and SME offers at competitive price points, while simultaneously driving incremental recurring revenue and profit, Turnium ensures that service providers can expand their market reach while maintaining healthy margins.

Turnium offers flexible service tiers including SD-Access, SD-Light, and full SD-WAN to ensure that service providers cater to diverse customer needs, all with a fixed monthly cost per end-customer site.

Moreover, Turnium provides unlimited core node licenses, allowing service providers to deploy instances in multiple data centers to match sales growth without being limited by license cost constraints. (Hint: this is really unique.)

Elevating Brand Visibility and Customer Experience

Enhancing service provider brand visibility and customer experience is crucial in today’s competitive landscape.

Turnium enables service providers to manage the last-mile connectivity that customers use to reach service provider clouds and managed services. Turnium gives service providers the ability to offer their customers a new monthly managed service that allows customers to use multiple circuits from multiple carriers to reach the service provider cloud and managed services.

Turnium gives MSP, MSSP, ISP, and VoIP providers the visibility and control they need to resolve trouble tickets quickly. The service provider can upsell the customer with additional connectivity options, including wireless 4G, 5G, or low earth orbit satellite such as Starlink.

MSP, MSSP, ISP, and VoIP providers can bundle Turnium’s managed on-ramp solution with their existing services, solidifying their position as trusted partners in the eyes of their clients.

Ensuring Reliability, Security, and Performance

Ensuring Reliability, Security, and Performance

Performance and security are non-negotiable aspects of managed connectivity. Turnium’s managed on-ramp solution ensures high performance, reliability, and secure connectivity to hosted applications.

With proven, leading >90% link aggregation efficiency, Turnium delivers unparalleled Quality of Service (QoS) over broadband, wireless, or third-party circuits, guaranteeing the highest voice, video, and application experience for end-users.

Turnium’s solution also facilitates service provider adherence to SLAs and simplifies support through features like always-on business continuity, circuit management, and private, secure transport-agnostic connectivity for customers.

Streamlining Operations for Enhanced Scalability and Management

Controlling costs and simplifying operations are key priorities for service providers. Turnium’s managed on-ramp solution enables service providers to achieve these goals by integrating with existing security and UTM platforms, replacing VPNs, and securing data in transit.

With automated configuration and deployment processes, service providers can reduce time-to-deploy and streamline operations efficiently. Moreover, Turnium facilitates customer co-management by granting qualified customers access to their management interface, fostering transparency and collaboration.

Turnium is Built for Service Providers

Turnium’s solution is designed to empower service providers with the tools and capabilities needed to thrive in a competitive market landscape. To learn more about how Turnium can elevate your connectivity offerings and drive business success, contact us today at or call us at +1 604-398-4314 | +1-888-818-3361. Visit Turnium for more information.

Maximize your customer experience, elevate your brand presence, and streamline your operations with Turnium. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your service offerings.