Turnium SD-Light

Better Bandwidth, Built-in Failover, and Business Continuity

Designed for single-site customers, SD-Light is an upgrade to SD-Access. It uses Turnium’s advanced link aggregation to make your hosted applications and communications perform better.

Better Bandwidth and Connectivity

Turnium SD-Light allows you to combine up to three broadband, fiber, fixed wireless, LTE, 4G/5G, or low earth orbit satellite connections from multiple ISP.

Deliver high-quality communications and side-step outages and problems with single-provider solutions.

Built-in Failover with Broadband, Fiber, and Wireless

Always on, Automated failover across all aggregated circuits keeps customer online.

Turnium’s per-packet design distributes LAN traffic across all available circuits.

Wireless circuits can be in standby mode and kick into action in 300 milliseconds for highly performant failover and voice calls that don’t drop.

No-Code: Simplified Business Continuity

Ensure customers can always connect to the internet and to your cloud.

Bundle Turnium SD-Light with your hosted voice, desktop-as-a-service, hosted contact center, or other applications.

Simple to deliver, Turnium SD-Light is provisioned through our easy access GUI. Our no-code networking engine eliminates the need for advanced programming skills, reduces errors, and eliminates the need for expensive, proprietary networking gear.

Secure, Encrypted Communications

Encrypting and protecting data is table-stakes for many customers, sometimes for regulatory reasons.

Turnium SD-Light gives Service Providers a superior solution to VPN. Faster and easier to deploy, you get AES/DTLS encryption with perfect forward security and configurable refresh times.

Turnium also secures customer data through obfuscation. By distributing packets over multiple carrier circuits and networks, Turnium makes data intercepts less likely to succeed.

Order Now

SD-Light is available for sale to Turnium OEM Partners, Turnium Managed OEM Partners, and Turnium Resellers. Turnium SD-Light is priced to deliver upgraded service over Turnium SD-Access for single-site customers.

If you are an existing Turnium Partner, contact your sales rep to add SD-Access to your portfolio now!