Partner Benefits

Your customers depend on the internet.

Do you want to be the winning ISP or Network Provider that earns the trust of the your customers by providing absolute uptime? We can help with that.

3 Steps to Build Your Value-Add and Grow ARPU

Win new customers, build your value-add, and expand your wallet share by giving SMBs the confidence and comfort with networking solutions that they need to grow, survive, and thrive in the digital economy.
Turnium enables you to:
1. Offer a backup circuit to your existing customers.
2. Provide a backup circuit to customers who use your competitors’ network services.
3. Furnish a managed service that allows you to monitor, manage, and deliver cost-effective failover and exceed customer expectations!

The average small business uses seventeen apps: POS, credit card, ADP, QBO, Facebook (messaging and advertising), CRM, Office365, Google (ads and search), and practice management software*. Broadband networks weren’t built for 99.99% reliability or to handle continual streams of real-time traffic. Neither was 4G.


Turnium is your solution.

* OKTA, Businesses at Work 2022 Report

A Simpler Way to Deliver Backup, Failover, and Business Continuity

Deploying Turnium means that you can deliver business continuity, backup, and failover to your customers simply and easily.

Customers with VoIP or video calls in-process won’t experience dropped calls, and those using secured applications won’t have to log in again, improving their workflow and productivity as well as their experience with your brand.

Turnium’s software platform is easy to use and automates sub-second failover, providing a superior customer experience and reducing churn.

3rd Party Off-net Service Improvement and VPN or MPLS Replacement

If you deploy circuits from another carrier or use off-net services to reach customer sites, Turnium gives you visibility and control. You’ll see flapping, packet loss, jitter, and latency.

This type of monitoring will enable you to deliver better customer service and identify the root cause of issues faster.

Where customers have VPN or MPLS connections, Turnium gives you another managed service that is faster to deploy, and easier to change or expand.

Reduce support costs on 3rd party resold services by identifying flapping, packet loss, jitter, and latency

Replace VPN and MPLS connections with a MRC (monthly recurring charge) solution that saves your customers money and is easier and faster to deploy, manage, and change.

Business Model Built for ISP and Network Providers

ISP and Network Providers can choose either one of two go-to-market models: OEM or Hybrid OEM.

By hosting core Turnium nodes in your own infrastructure, you get the highest level of control over your customer experience.

Unlike other vendors, there are no bandwidth charges, and we give you a “pay as you grow” model with 143% ROI in 12 months.