Security and VPN

Thought about offering secure connectivity, secure data, and secure voice as a monthly recurring service?

The Opportunity: Security Services

Let us help you help your customer’s connect their clouds to sites, branches to offices, and clouds to clouds with ease. Secure all communications by encrypting and obfuscating packets in transit better than any VPN solution.

MSPs who offer security services now have a way to add a low-cost, easy-to-configure encrypted tunnel for customer access to cloud services, branches, and remote sites. Turnium’s software delivers link encryption (AES128/256) and data obfuscation.

“By 2025, to enhance agility and support for cloud applications, 65% of enterprises implement SD-WAN, compared with about 30% in 2020.”

Garter, Critical Capabilities for Network Services, Global, 3 March 2021

5 Steps to Secure Customer Data in Transit

Customers need to know that their infrastructure, cloud, and application services are operating fully secured from threats without adding any complexity to their day-to-day IT operations.
Instead of deploying VPN, leverage Turnium to drive your MRR, win new business and most importantly grow customer value by offering flexible security solutions. Protect data in transit between branches, retail locations, offices, remote sites, and multiple cloud providers.
1. Deploy Turnium to automate end-point configuration and encryption.
2. Bond and distribute packets across multiple ISP or telecom connections at each site to obfuscate data and automate routing.
3. Turn on encryption as required at each site, selecting from AES 128 or 256.
4. Deploy edge nodes in physical hardware at branches or retail sites, use virtual instances to deploy onsite or in cloud services, or run it in containers.
5. Protect customer data, including real-time packets, while transiting across internet circuits.

A Much Simpler Way

By simply adding Turnium Security Services to your managed service portfolio, you can easily uncover new opportunities to start delivering rich network services to organizations.

Use Turnium to create a “smart” wide area network securely and quickly.

Smart Networks can adjust dynamically to network conditions.

Throw in network transparency and reliability and Turnium is a tool that every MSP should have in their toolbox.

Monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic to identify overall network capacity and enforce entry/exit rules associated with applications.

Add to Your Security Stack, Increase Flexibility, Grow Your Value Proposition

Turnium increases the value of your managed services portfolio. Reach out today to find out how Turnium can add to your service offerings.