Disaggregating SASE: Simply a Better Way to SD-WAN

Secure Access Service Edge or SASE, is a combination of SD-WAN with a number of security components, delivered as-a-Service.

We’re Disaggregating SD-WAN to pull apart the monolithic SASE stack and give you what you need — a Layer 3 networking solution on top of which you can layer the security and orchestration solutions that make sense for your markets, verticals, and in-house skill sets.

Disaggregated Software + Licensing Model = Winning Formula for Service Providers

Turnium’s pricing model is built to generate profitability and fuel growth.

Our simple licensing model charges a flat-rate monthly price for every active site. Get 100% of Turnium’s SD-WAN features, including support, updates, and upgrades as well as unlimited core node licenses.

No feature licensing, no bandwidth charges, no support contracts, no upgrade charges. No proprietary hardware.

Our partners can recover their startup costs, including CAPEX and OPEX, within 12 months. See how some of our partners have generated ROI.

Reselling our Managed Service is also simple. Purchase at a discount from our MSRP and after you complete the sale, we provide the hardware, the configuration, the setup, and help you with Day 0 install and Day 2 customer care.

Drive Profitability with Turnium.

Why is Disaggregated SD-WAN better for your Managed Network and Security Offers

With Turnium, you build and control your own SASE offers, customized for your markets, verticals, or customers. Turnium gives you secure SD-WAN as the foundation for your security, orchestration and managed services. If you’re building uCPE or Edge compute solutions, we’re the CNF-certified SD-WAN vendor. Check out our containerized SD-WAN.

We give you what you need:

Control Over Your Entire Solution Stack

Give customers what they need, not what a SASE provider says they need

Pay For What You Use

With our flexible licensing built for Service Provider Profitability -- when you need to license SD-WAN because you’ve got your own Security portfolio, you’ll only pay for SD-WAN

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Leverage existing operational, monitoring, alerting, and orchestration tools with our full API.

Build Your Brand

You're building your own solution stack and differentiating in the market. Don’t get trapped into thinking that reselling somebody else’s brand is a long-term growth plan.

Top Vendor Preferred

Deploy and run in IBM Cloud for Telecommunications and Red Hat OpenShift CNF-certified.

Turnium’s SD-WAN is the platform that allows you to differentiate from your competitors and deliver great managed services including managed networks, hybrid networks, hybrid cloud environments, managed network-as-a-service, uCPE, and Edge Compute.

The Old Way of Doing Things

If you need more information about how things used to be, keep reading!

Software-defined networking (SDN) came into prominence with cloud computing and deployment of private clouds requiring their own local area networking (LAN) components. From SDN came SD-WAN which extended networking capabilities to interconnect networks that were not locally connected.

As a technology, SD-WAN leveraged the ubiquitous reach of the internet, the growing speed of internet backbones (tens of Gigabits per second), the growing power of software, the increased speeds in computing, and the emergence of white-box hardware manufacturers (not proprietary hardware). Together, all these things made over-the-top networking, or overlay networking, a possibility.

SD-WAN’s purpose is to free networking from the restrictions of the telecom and cableco oligopolies and make networks-anywhere, connecting everything, a possibility.

SASE is a Marketing Construct

Over time, vendors started adding more services in their stack – security, application control, and orchestration, to name a couple – to differentiate SD-WAN.
Organizations need the ability to work with their preferred security product and service vendors that are interoperable with their networking solutions. This includes all aspects of security ranging from firewalling, deep packet inspection and packet filtering to intrusion detection and prevention.
Application development has evolved to make use of DevOps and cloud-native container technologies that have turned application control on its head.
Instead of a monolithic application requiring user rights, app code running in multiple containers may require different user rights to operate properly. Working with the right vendor who understands the security challenges this poses is important when integrating into the networking stack.
Orchestration is the ability to organize, manage, upgrade, configure the different devices deployed in the service stack such as network switches (core nodes), edge devices (bonders) or even wifi devices.

As the cloud has emerged, the network edge keeps moving further and further out. It's no longer just at the level of the branch office.

Competitors are offering an all-in-one solution for this. Take it or leave it. One license gets you everything. This limits your ability to control your network and security posture and it doesn’t work because the solution is inflexible and locks you into a contract with high switching costs. That is an old networking business model and doesn’t work in today’s business environment..

Turnium focuses on the networking piece because our customers have the other pieces: the orchestration, the security offerings, the management, the billing. You have your service stack.

Just plug Turnium’s SD-WAN solution into it.