Turnium SD-WAN

Operational Savings on Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud, and IoT Networks

Turnium SD-WAN is a fully featured networking solution for single-site and multi-site customers. Connect multiple office locations together, or connect offices to data centers and cloud providers. Create overlay networks to bring remote sites, branch offices, vehicles, delivery trucks, or IoT devices on-net.

Key Problems Solved

Multiple customer locations with expensive circuits?
Difficulty finding a single carrier that can connect to every customer site?
Hard-to-reach sites with bad ROI on Layer 2 circuits?
Requirement to integrate wireline and wireless access into a single network?
Need to network fleet vehicles or IoT devices and use multiple wireless networks for better bandwidth and performance?
The solution? TURNIUM

Networks Made Simple

Like Turnium SD-Access and SD-Light, Turnium SD-WAN automates edge and core device programming for fast, error-free deployments. Turnium SD-WAN features include the ability to deploy a multi-site private, secure network for each customer.

Reduce Deployment Time and Simplify Management

Turnium reduces your deployment times and overhead costs and makes building and delivering networks that meet customer needs easier and faster.

Adding or changing sites is a simple data entry task. Turnium’s no-code networking engine takes care of core and edge programming, delivering all the routing and service mesh, every time.

Multi-Circuit, Multi-Carrier, Multi-ISP Visibility

Use multiple carriers at each site. Combine wireline and wireless carriers and deliver the bandwidth, performance, and reliability that customers need, not just what’s available.

Turnium eliminates the struggle to find a single carrier that reaches every site. Use any available carrier. Combine multiple circuits from multiple carriers. See network conditions, no matter the number of circuits, carriers, or ISP deployed.

See the performance of every circuit, individually, and aggregated, at every location.

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Turnium SD-WAN is available for sale to Turnium OEM Partners, Turnium Managed OEM Partners, and Turnium Resellers. Turnium SD-WAN is priced to deliver service for multi-site customers, integrate with existing firewalls and security solutions, and minimize customer disruption.

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Service Provider Benefits

Turnium SD-WAN delivers:

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