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Flexible Service Provider pricing for software-only SD-WAN that you can resell or host/brand and sell in virtual, bare metal, or container environments.

Our simple licensing, based on a flat cost per site deployed, it is easy to quote, matches costs with revenues, and minimizes CAPEX and OPEX. Get started and grow your business today.

Bundle a DIY white-label platform that you host, manage, and brand. Go to market with your own in-house SD-WAN and connectivity solutions.

Resell a managed Turnium SD-WAN service to get-to-market quickly. This service is available in the United States and Canada.

Choose the Product Solution to Fit Your Business


SD-Access for the single-site customer that needs a failover connection.

SD-Light for the single-site customer that needs more bandwidth and built-in failover.
SD-WAN for the multi-site customer that needs to connect multiple sites, multiple clouds, or network IoT devices and vehicles.

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9 Reasons to Partner with Turnium

1. Visibility to Connectivity

Control your customer experience. Get visibility to your customers’ connectivity, even when you are not their ISP, and see if connections are up or down and if jitter, flapping, or latency is affecting your managed, hosted services.

2. A Software-Only Networking Platform

As a software-only platform, Turnium is not reliant on proprietary hardware and not beholden to a history of legacy hardware revenue streams.

Turnium runs on any x86 CPU, so you can buy any vendor’s servers and any vendor’s customer premise equipment (CPE) to deploy onsite. It also runs in a wide range of virtualization and container environments so that you can build and deploy a solution that makes sense for you.

3. Control Your Brand and Differentiate

Service Providers choose Turnium because we enable them to build unique bundled offers for specific verticals, markets, and customer segments.

4. Flexible Connectivity and Networking Solutions

Turnium allows you to connect every customer asset. A single site. A cloud or DC and a single site. Multiple sites, vehicles, or IoT devices can be networked privately and securely. Use any carrier, any circuit.

Extend the reach of your managed services. Deploy in public clouds* to launch SASE or SD-WAN services in new territories.

*Some public cloud providers support networking better than others. To deploy your SD-WAN in a public cloud, give us a call, we’ve got the experience to make sure that project is successful.

5. Build Your Own SASE or Network-as-a-Service Offers

Leverage your existing in-house technologies and skill sets to differentiate and build your own Network-as-a-Service or SASE offers. By Disaggregating SASE, Turnium gives you the foundation; you add the security solutions and other technologies to customize your offers.

Your customers already have security preferences so give them integration, not rip-and-replace.

6. Use the connections your customers already have — in fact, use any carrier connection!

Be flexible, deliver connections that meet what customers want – uptime and affordable cost. Use their existing connections. Add new connections for failover. Use any ISP, any carrier so that you can build and be the customer’s network provider anywhere. Turnium’s platform allows you to control traffic over circuits provided by any ISP.

7. Scalable Multi-tenant Technology

Multi-tenant core nodes allow you to support multiple end-customer networks on each core node and scale core nodes in your data centers or clouds as usage expands.

Give your wholesale partners their own branded space on the Management Server to support their own customers.

8. No-Charge Unlimited Core Node Licenses

Turnium’s licensing model makes includes no-charge core nodes.

Why do we do this? Because we believe it should be easy for you to expand your expand your capacity and reach without increased license costs. Support more customers, open up new markets, deploy dedicated infrastructure for critical customers, and improve your profit margins.

This model is for our full OEM partners. It helps you place core nodes close to your customers, limiting latency and tromboning.

9. API for Integration into your Operational and Business Systems

Other platforms bill themselves as all-in-one integration, but they come at a cost.

Integrate with what you have, don’t rush to rip-and-replace with other solutions. Use our API to control our software from your existing management or orchestration platforms. Drive alerts into your existing dashboards and notification systems. Export data into your billing systems.

Book a Demo with Turnium

Book a chat with one of our SD-WAN specialists to discuss the best solution for your unique customer and deployment requirements.