Turnium: The Connectivity Solution for Voice Service Providers

Connectivity Solution for Voice Service Providers

In the rapidly evolving world of hosted voice and contact center services, wouldn’t it be fantastic if your customers, sales teams, support staff, and agents could stay connected seamlessly, without any disruptions, all the time? That’s precisely what Turnium delivers.

Turnium’s high-performance QoS and connectivity platform ensure your phones never stop ringing, and business never stops running. Comply with industry or regulatory requirements without a hitch, encrypt voice calls and data for secure communications, and experience cost-effective last-mile connectivity for optimum costs and performance.

We offer a partner-focused model, where UCaaS, CCaaS, and hosted VoIP providers can choose business and deployment models that align with their unique needs. Our pricing is based on a flat-rate, monthly subscription per-site price with no bandwidth charges.

Brand Centric Approach

Turnium simplifies network provisioning and deployment, taking the grunt work out of deploying failover solutions and multi-site networks. Our dedicated partner program provides you with the resources and support you need to succeed.

We also give you the flexibility to choose how you want to go to market. We offer three distinct models for you to choose from, each designed to suit your business needs:

1. Your Brand, Your Service:

Elevate your business with our fully embedded OEM, white-label solution, allowing you to hit the market confidently under your brand. This unique offering empowers you to maintain brand integrity while leveraging state-of-the-art technology tailored to your needs.

2. Your Brand, Our Service:

Optimize your operations by hosting your private core nodes, while we take care of the rest with our comprehensive managed service. This approach enables you to concentrate on enhancing and selling your product, secure in the knowledge that the technical backend is expertly handled by our team.

3. Our Brand, Our Service:

Accelerate your market entry with our Turnium Managed Service, utilizing our robust data centers and core nodes. This option is perfect for businesses looking for a hassle-free solution, offering speed, reliability, and the backing of our trusted brand to get your services up and running with minimal delay.

Turnium gives you the freedom to bundle SD-WAN with your existing services cost-effectively, create unique offers, integrate with existing security offers, set your customer pricing and contract terms, and leverage your existing data centers.

Choose the deployment model perfectly suited to your customer needs to enhance your business efficiency and speed up your sales-to-billing cycle.

“We’re an ISP and a Netsapiens provider. Turnium is highly versatile and helps us deliver a high impact on customer businesses by eliminating downtime, outages, and providing quality of service.”

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Benefits for Voice Service Providers

Turnium’s cutting-edge technology provides a range of advantages:

1. Efficiency:

Turnium technology simplifies the process of multi-site network delivery, significantly reducing the costs associated with design, programming, testing, and support. This streamlined approach allows for a more efficient deployment and management of network resources, saving time and money.

2. Fast Deployment:

Simply install a Turnium device at your customer site to provide multi-ISP connectivity and enhanced reliability quickly and simply. More than one ISP ensures your customers can rely on stable connectivity for their critical operations.

Benefits for Voice Service Providers

3. Customer Control:

Get comprehensive visibility over each site as if it were a direct extension of your own network. Deploy your own IP addresses at all sites to create your own, private, routed overlay network, and gain control over your customer experience.

4. Future Proofed Networking:

Turnium is designed with the future in mind, supporting dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 configurations. Ensure that your network infrastructure is ready to handle the evolving demands of the internet and remain compatible with both current and future technologies.

5. Reliability:

Turnium enhances network reliability by aggregating multiple wireline and wireless circuits from any service provider with the ability to failover to standby wireless or low earth orbit satellites. Ensure business continuity even in the event of a circuit failure. Turnium provides granular inspection and control over last mile circuits, enabling you to identify and address issues proactively.

6. Quality of Service:

Turnium’s Quality of Service (QoS) features allow for bi-directional, reservationless prioritization of real-time or priority traffic. This means that critical applications and services can be allocated the necessary bandwidth and resources to operate smoothly, ensuring a high-quality user experience for your customers.

Streamline Your Connectivity: Start with Turnium Today

We support any environment including bare metal, virtual machines (VMs), or containers, and offer granular inspection and control over circuit performance.

With Turnium SD-WAN, automate network programming, deploy your IP addresses everywhere, and transform network provisioning and deployment into a breeze. Get started today and revolutionize your customer connectivity.