7 ways to sell Bonded Internet

For some partners, selling Bonded Internet has become the basis for their company’s growth – and it’s no wonder. Bonded Internet allows you to upsell existing customers who are having network pain – usually related to increasing bandwidth, improving reliability, and securing voice quality. Bonded Internet is a high-value solution for solving customer problems.

Here are seven products you can take to market, powered by Bonded Internet. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details and our channel partnership program.

1. T1 Replacement

For some customers, their T1s aren’t going to get them to the Cloud with any real ability to compute. Why not combine multiple ADSL connections – or combine an ADSL with a Cable connection for added redundancy – and give them the bandwidth they need to do the things they.. well.. need. Nearly all of our partners are offering to replace T1s for customers – providing redundancy where possible, enough bandwidth to take advantage of Cloud-based applications, QoS for Voice, and maximizing their profit margins.

We suggest you start to call your T1 customers to offer them an alternative to their symmetrical 1.5Mbps product. How about bonding two ADSL connections and giving your customers ten times the download of a T1 and matching their upload? Offer the T1 alternative at a lower price or the same price – but do so while increasing your profit margin on each cross-sold customer.

2. Boosting a Connection with Data Compression and Acceleration

For customers with low bandwidth availability, sometimes all they need is a little bump. Using Bonded Internet’s compression/acceleration feature, you can give your clients a single-line connection that, for highly compressible files, can increase the transmission speed of their network connection by 4 times – sometimes more than ten. For an example of how compression and acceleration work, see this video here.

3. Bonding as a Service – Bring Your Own Bandwidth

If you sell only managed services, or want to focus your sales efforts on those services, we suggest you package Bonded Internet as a Bring-Your-Own-Bandwidth product. That way, customers can source their own access links and you can provide the magic of Bonding them together. We suggest you have them choose links from competing ISPs and of different protocols, so that they have a higher likelihood of surviving network outages – after all, the services they’re buying from you depend highly on the ability of that customer to access them.

4. Same-IP, Managed Back-Up – LTE or ADSL Redundancy

Advanced partners have built products that are only used for back-up or network redundancy. If a customer has a 50Mbps cable connection, there’s very little chance they would benefit from an additional few Mbps in bandwidth – but consider if that customer needed reliability. You could choose to bond an ADSL to their Fiber connection, or just sell them a DSL that sits idle until the Fiber Connection goes off-line. For more on our sub-second failover, check out this blog post here.

5. Diversified Networks – Bonding Multiple ISP Connections

Our most prized and marketed feature is the ability to bond access connections from multiple ISPs and of multiple types. Your customers can use Bonded Internet to bond a cable to a DSL, or a Fixed Wireless connection – or really any combination of links they may have available to them. These configurations are highly valuable to customers looking for more bandwidth, and the peace-of-mind that comes with same-IP failover from ISP to ISP. Want to know more about how you can offer diversified networking? Contact us today.

6. Diversified Networks – Seamless failover from ISP to ISP

If your customers don’t need the bandwidth – because, face it, your service rocks – then maybe they’ll consider an active-passive solution in which the other ISP’s connection remains dormant until it’s needed. Failover will only take 0.3 seconds, meaning calls won’t drop when traffic is re-routed. What’s more, the IP Address is yours – making the customer yours whether on the dormant connection or not.

7. Managed, Customized, and Dynamic Connections

If you offer hosted voice applications, you understand the need for Quality of Service. Imagine if you could put a dynamic Quality of Service product at every customer? If they have a 50Mbps pipe, you can use Bonded Internet to create a customized, LAN to CORE Quality of Service engine that adapts to fluctuations in call/video sessions and has unlimited Queues for apps. See more about our dynamic Quality of Service engine here.

If your customers regular voice their need for heightened WAN security but won’t choose MPLS, consider the alternative – Bonded Internet. Give them Firewalling, routing, Monitoring and full Encryption over multiple or single connections. Make the most of any connection.