Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Evolution with Containerized Workloads

Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Evolution with Containerized Workloads

Red Hat and IBM are forging a new paradigm in hybrid cloud computing: a software marketplace for container-based applications. This marketplace will help service providers (SPs) and IT teams adopt leading-edge lightweight container technologies and deliver containerized workloads of applications and services to their end-users.

In addition, Turnium SD-WAN enables SPs to deliver easily deployed multi-site virtual networks to secure customer access to these containerized apps and services — while maintaining a great end-user experience.

The Next Evolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has evolved steadily since the introduction of Amazon Web Services in 2006. The first infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms offered simple on-demand compute and storage with little else. Today, cloud service providers offer a broad ecosystem of value-added services around traditional public IaaS.

Red Hat and IBM have expanded this ecosystem to encompass the hybrid cloud with Red Hat Marketplace. Red Hat’s Openshift Container Platform can deploy containerized apps from the marketplace regardless of whether the platform resides in a public or private cloud.

This means that SPs and IT teams can easily deliver containerized workloads for themselves or their customers, using a proven software delivery framework. Red Hat Openshift Container Platform enables a true hybrid-cloud architecture through the ability to deploy apps and services to public and private cloud infrastructure located anywhere SPs and IT teams operate an Openshift platform. More importantly, SPs and IT teams can further leverage on-demand consumption by deploying the apps and services where they are needed, when they are needed.

Red Hat Marketplace

Red Hat Marketplace – Containerized App Deployment

Containerized Workloads Accelerate Digital Transformation

Containerized apps and services represent a boon to digital transformation projects. But, their deployment and operation across the organization’s WAN is heavily dependent on an infrastructure that is susceptible to outages and performance issues.

In order to mitigate these problems, a robust networking solution like Turnium SD-WAN can be deployed to improve the management, performance, and security of the organizational WAN. SPs and IT teams can then rely on their network to provide the secure access and performance required of their containerized workloads.

As cloud computing continues to evolve, containers will play an increasingly important role in organizations’ operations. A reliable and flexible SD-WAN solution can help assure the effective operation of these containerized apps and services.

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