What Does Cloud Extension Mean and How to Create Your Own Cloud Network

Turnium and IBM have created a cloud network extension platform that allows carriers and enterprises to integrate circuits from multiple carriers into a single global or multinational network that delivers visibility and control right to the customer edge (or into it if managed services are being delivered).

Our technology gives carriers a single network for each customer that is visible over a single IP space/range. This means that any carrier can provide services globally to its customer’s offices around the world.

More importantly, the carrier is able to provide (or manage) the entire network worldwide from a single pane of glass.

Gain Greater Cloud Network Control

Gain Greater Cloud Network Control

Carriers using Turnium Cloud Extension can deploy in their own cloud network or connect to public cloud technology such as IBM Cloud for Telecommunications to realize a global network. With IBM Cloud in the mix, customer sites that have been unavailable or lost to other carriers in local/regional areas can be brought on-net affordably and flexibly.

By using multiple local last-mile circuits at each site (broadband, fibre, fixed wireless, or 3G/4G/5G) there is no need to use a regional carrier’s MPLS/VPLS or other dedicated connectivity unless required. Even if MPLS or other technologies are used, Turnium Cloud Extension can give you management control over that circuit.

Extend Your Cloud Networks Globally

Provide access and realize a single customer network everywhere leveraging diverse carriers worldwide! With Turnium Cloud Extension, you’ll extend customer cloud networks globally, and organically — all while accessing sales in new markets that you may not have been able to access before – while delivering your own cloud network and cloud computing services to those edges.

Extend Your Cloud Networks Globally

From a technological standpoint, Turnium gives you a software platform that you host, control, and license to extend your infrastructure, and put your IP addresses at customer sites anywhere in the world using diverse carriers.

Deliver Even Better Customer Experience

You’ll also benefit from providing customers with business continuity, seamless failover, quality of service, and better bandwidth in remote areas with our simple L3 overlay which provides >90% link aggregation and same IP failover across the multiple carrier circuits at each site.

Additionally, Turnium’s Connect Everything, Anywhere approach allows for service to be delivered to customer edges (cloud, branch, vehicle, or remote) using bare-metal x86 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, OpenSUSE Leap), Virtual Machines (KVM, Hyper-V, VMWare) and container technologies (CNF Certified for Red Hat® OpenShift®, Kubernetes and others), on-premises or in any cloud.

With IBM, Red Hat, and Turnium, the world of containers opens up; universal CPEs suddenly become affordable and can be delivered to the customer edge to connect cloud networks and cloud technology services.

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