How to Deliver Better Business Internet Connectivity for Your Business Customers

Delight single-site and multi-site customers with better internet, real-time failover, encrypted communications, quality of service, and other features.

Give your customers reliable access to your voice, contact center, or hosted business applications while improving your customer experience. Turnium gives you options for single-site and multi-site customers at price points that will delight you!

Read on to find out:
  • How to improve customer last mile internet.
  • Turnium SD-Access, SD-Light, SD-WAN product feature descriptions.
  • What partner go-to-market looks like.
  • Turnium partner program introduction.
  • Summary product feature chart.

Improve Customer Last-Mile Internet with SD-Access, SD-Light, or SD-WAN.

To help MSP, ISP, CSP, and VoIP, UCaaS, or CCaaS providers deliver and manage better last-mile access to their customers, Turnium has three product and service offerings: SD-Access, SD-Light, and SD-WAN.

These product and service tiers are available to Turnium’s channel partners:

  • OEM/White-label partners: host Turnium’s software in their own data centers. Brand, bundle, price, and deliver differentiated solutions incorporating Turnium’s software, or
  • Reseller partners: Resell Turnium’s managed service in North America.

That sounds great, but what do these products or services do?

(Aha, glad you asked, read on to find out…)

SD-Access, SD-Light, and SD-WAN enable you to position the right level of service and cost to match your end-customer needs and budgets.


  • A low-cost entry-level solution.
  • Provides failover access.
  • At the right price point for single-site businesses with business-critical applications such as Point of Sale terminals, email, or other cloud-based applications.

Designed for single site customers, SD-Access enables you to deliver a single, managed circuit to the customer site with a failover connection in standby. The failover can be wireline (xDSL, cable, for example) or wireless (LTE, 4G, 5G, Starlink) so that your customer has a backup to keep their business connected. Failover takes place is less than one second and doesn’t result in any dropped sessions or connections.


  • Upgrades SD-Access.
  • Enables a single-site customer to have up to three different circuits from different carriers aggregated or bonded together.
  • LAN data is distributed across all circuits using Turnium’s proprietary per-packet link load balancing algorithm.
  • SD-Access includes a maximum of three (3) multiple aggregated, bonded, circuits, including a failover circuit.

Take your customer experience to the next level by adding real-time link aggregation to their connectivity. Aggregate the bandwidth from up to 3 individual circuits from different ISPs or providers, to ensure your customer stays connected to the applications that matter!

Combining multiple circuits together gives your customers a powerful, managed connection with always-on failover. When three circuits are aggregated, all circuits are active, and traffic is directed over all available circuits. If one circuit fails, traffic continues to flow over the remaining two.

You can also designate one of the three circuits as a standby/failover circuit. This means that it’s not included in link aggregation, but traffic will failover to the standby circuit within less than one second. This is especially useful if your failover circuit is wireless, and usage is metered.

Better yet, all circuits, including the standby circuit use the same IP address. This means that circuit failures don’t result in dropped voice calls or dropped secure sessions – and your customers will be delighted with that!



  • For multi-site customers or single-site customers that need their office(s) and cloud applications on the same private, secure network.
  • Using unlimited link aggregation and failover.

This is full throttle SDWAN. Building on the features of SD-Light, Turnium’s SD-WAN product provides all the features, including unlimited circuit aggregation and private wide area networking (PWAN).

SD-WAN enables you to connect a customer’s offices into a single private network with a single public-facing IP address. This preserves IP addresses for you and enables you to provide centrally hosted security for your customer. You can also include cloud locations in the private network, so that your VoIP/UCaaS or CCaaS platforms are on-net for each location.

Turnium’s multi-tenanted platform enables you to support multiple customers with multiple sites on single instances of Turnium’s core nodes. And, like SD-Access and SD-Light, failover is sub-second to keep calls flowing, and you get all the features included.

A summary chart is below…(scroll down).

If you’re a business or a network admin at a business looking for better business connectivity, use the link at the end of this article to contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a great partner to help you out!

Super, what's my go-to-market look like?

  • Become a Turnium channel partner. (See below….)
  • Sell your customers a new monthly managed service.
  • Upsell additional wireline and wireless connectivity from any available carriers.
  • Manage all the circuits yourself.
  • Aggregate circuits from multiple carriers into a single virtual connection at each customer business location.
  • Gain visibility to connectivity conditions that drive tickets in your Managed Services.
  • Understand and communicate what’s going on, while giving your customers options to improve their connectivity.

Join our partner program — we'd be happy to have you join us!

Join Turnium’s partner program to gain access to managed network products and services and add them to your service stack. Partners purchase Turnium SD-Access, Turnium SD-Light, and Turnium SD-WAN based on a discount from our list price, with additional discounts available for term and volume commitments.

Our goal is partner success!

Turnium’s products are designed and priced to support your success. Every business needs better internet and every MSP, ISP, VoIP/UCaaS or CCaaS provider needs to deliver a better customer experience by being able to see, manage, and enable better connectivity!

Summarize SD-Access, SD-Light, and SD-WAN for me again

You bet, here’s the summary chart:

Turnium SD-Access, SD-Light, SD-WAN Comparison

Contact us to learn more about partnering or, if you’re a business that needs better connectivity, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a great partner!