Local School Board replaces MPLS with Bonded Internet™

Using multiple access providers, a centralized firewall, End-to-End Quality of Experience and link-level bonding, this School Board was able to create a highly redundant, feature-rich WAN to replace its MPLS network.

Local School Board VPN

Cost-containment was the driving factor in this School Board’s decision to choose Bonded Internet™ over MPLS. Using Bonded Internet™, the school was able to bond relatively low-cost EoC and ADSL connections from two different providers in order to deliver necessary uptime and bandwidth for the maximized experience of its staff and students.

  • Bonded Internet™ Encryption was added for increased transport protection from vulnerability.
  • Bonded Internet™ Quality of Service was enabled for VoIP calls and interactive application usages.

The configuration of the WAN included the following services delivered to each school:

  1. ISP 1 – Ethernet over Cable – 50Mbps x 2Mbps
  2. ISP 2 – ADSL2+ (two) – 15Mbps x 10Mbps
  3. Bonded Internet™ Bonding Service
  4. Bonded Internet™ Encryption Module
  5. Bonded Internet™ Adaptable Quality of Service Engine Module

Total Per School Bandwidth: 80Mbps x 22Mbps

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