Questions from our Inbox – Part 2

Welcome to the second edition of our 3 part blog series on our most Frequently asked questions. Below are some of the questions we’ve been asked relating to SD-WAN setup/deployment.

I am a VoIP provider.  I want to provide my customer with good voice quality but I don’t want any of the other customer data to run through my DC, how can I do this?

A: Our feature called Tunnel Bypass (split tunneling) provides you with the ability to run specific traffic through the tunnel to the data center and then define a circuit that all other data will exit.  This bypass traffic will ingress and egress via the carrier internet access and not be a part of the tunnel traffic.  In this way, only the voice traffic you want will be included in the tunnel.

My customer wants to provide their customers with Wi-Fi but doesn’t want this to run through their private corporate data network.  How can I do this?

A: With Tunnel Bypass (split tunneling) the customer Wi-Fi traffic would be identified and sent directly to the Internet via a defined circuit and that circuit providers internet access an never be a part of the Private WAN traffic.

Can I provide geographic fail over to my customers in case the local DC they connect to goes down?

A: Yes, you define a primary and secondary Aggregation Server for a customer.  As long as you advertise the IP space over the two data centers and configure your BGP or OSPF as per the network integration instructions, you can configure geographic fail over quite easily.

Can I install the Aggregation Server in my customers’ data center?

A: This is a common configuration for larger customer that have their own data centers. Turnium is here to assist in the design of such a configuration if you need.

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