How SASE and SD-WAN can Simplify Network Management

Simplifying network management is the holy grail of your technology strategy. Now it’s possible by combining a secure access service edge, or SASE, and SD-WAN.

For many years networking companies have sought to simplify network management and configuration of devices on a wide area network, or WAN. Many tools have been developed, but none have been adequate across all dimensions of the problem. Any proposed software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution needs to be simple to use, flexible, and secure without sacrificing performance. Using SASE and SD-WAN together simplifies network management and provides secure access from anywhere on any device.

Simplify Network Management with SD-WAN

Simplify Network Management with SD-WAN

Software defined networking (SDN) promised to simplify network management, but it focused heavily on the local area network (LAN) of public cloud computing. The importance of the WAN has increased as organizations seek to connect their private operations — or private cloud — with the public cloud infrastructure they are increasingly using to reduce costs and deploy services around the world.

SD-WAN meets the needs of these organizations by allowing them to build flexible, reliable WAN that can support remote sites as well as other endpoints connected at the network edge like Internet of things (IoT) devices. Of course, interconnecting sites and devices means that data flows, devices, and sites need to be protected from potential threats with greater diligence.

Secure Solutions Lead the Way

Of the multitude of competing SD-WAN products available on the market, only the Turnium SD-WAN technology is well-positioned to fulfill the needs of organizations discussed above — ensuring they are not locked into costly long term contracts with no choice in the technologies deployed.

The current market has clearly moved away from monolithic black-box-like solutions delivered by a single vendor and towards open choice of technology components and systems integrators.

Turnium SD-WAN:

  • Simplifies and automates SD-WAN management with a single pane of glass
  • Encrypts traffic using AES 128- and 256-bit encryption
  • Obfuscates traffic by separating data flows over multiple Internet links

Just as importantly, Turnium has cultivated an ecosystem of technology partners that can provide complementary products and services. Alternatively, organizations can work with their preferred technology vendors to layer their products and services on top of the SD-WAN to deploy their own SASE. This agnostic model allows customers to avoid vendor lock-in while leveraging best-of-breed products and services such as firewalls, intrusion detection services, and other security services. More importantly, the ability to deploy the SD-WAN into containers allows organizations to create service chains that integrate security products and through which data flows are handled at the network edge.

Simplified WAN Deployment with SASE and SD-WAN

Simplified WAN Deployment with SASE and SD-WAN

Internetworking has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years and much of that evolution has happened as networks were virtualized during the cloud computing boom with SDN. Turnium SD-WAN simplifies network management and configuration and is the foundation on top of which SASE and all other network services can be built. It helps organizations interconnect and secure their sites, clouds, and IoT devices as they grow their use of public cloud infrastructure and their global technology footprint.

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