Turnium’s New User Interface: Simple, Easier, Better

Simpler, Easier, a Better Experience: Turnium’s New User Interface for Partners 

Upgrading the user experience for Turnium partners.  

 You talked, we listened! We’ve redesigned the new front end user interface to offer our partners and their operations teams a simpler, faster user experiences. We put your feedback into the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) to make it more intuitive, quicker and easier to use. 

The new GUI is launching as a beta version – and we’ll continue to enhance this release. The improvements available in this first release include:    

  • Fewer Clicks, More Info: We’ve designed the GUI to bring forward more relevant information so that there are fewer clicks required to speed up your day. Mini charts are up front, so you don’t have to leave the dashboard to do basic troubleshooting. PLUS we’ve added quick drop downs to make it simple to find the information you want to view or change.
  • Wizard-Like Dynamic Routing Configuration: This wizard-like experience now ensures that relevant information is presented by routing protocol. Rather than burying the most edited configurations in one list, simply click your protocol to see only the tabs relevant to that protocol – and in the logical sections. Think ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’. You still have the option to dig into all the layers, but what you need is divided into convenient sections.  

In addition, you’ll also find these capabilities in the new GUI:  

  • Side pane navigation: This upgraded side pane menu layout helps the administrative experience and allows for easier menu additions in future, with continued smooth access. 
  • Dark mode: Also, now, when you don’t like the light, you can go into the Dark… Mode. It’s easier on the eyes, looks pretty cool, and saves battery when you’re on a mobile device. The new GUI gives you the choice to pick what you like best. 
  • Tabbed interfaces: To modernize the interface for ease of management and setup, we’ve added tabs and drop-downs to reduce the amount of information to sift through. This makes frequently required data available with a single click and allows you to move quickly to troubleshoot or review. Less information per page makes decisions quicker.
  • Regrouping: Efficiency was our goal in this GUI update. The new design arranges information into smaller, more logical, sections, so rather than sifting through long lists, data is divided into manageable chunks. Easier on your eyes and easier to find and digest the data!  

Any existing Turnium OEM or white label partner experience the beta version of the new GUI by adding /beta at the end of the URL for their management server.