Augmenting WAN Connections for Seamless Failover

Augmenting WAN Connections for Seamless Failover

As a service provider, your business has no shortage of options for establishing WAN connectivity. Perhaps your company is using a public internet connection, along with a virtual private network (VPN). Or, maybe your company is using an Ethernet or MPLS connection. Your business may even be operating in a rural area, and using fixed wireless access for connectivity, in conjunction with a network management system.

Regardless of the connectivity you have in place, all things appear to be operationally sound.

What if something were to go wrong?

A network outage could happen at any time, and for any reason—either in your local area, or in your own network.

WAN failure can have catastrophic consequences, cutting off communications entirely between internal teams, branch locations, and customers. In today’s IP-centric communications environment, an outage could mean the loss of voice, video, data, text, and fax.

Consider what happened to Google Cloud recently. In June, Google suffered a major outage which the company claimed stemmed from a bad configuration. Then, another multi-hour outage happened in early July which the company said came from damaged fiber bundles at a South Carolina data center.

Fortunately, Google was able to reroute traffic to ensure its customers’ services remained operationally stable until the fiber paths could be repaired.

It’s a reminder of the importance of failover in a WAN environment. No network solution—fiber, Ethernet, wireless, or MPLS—is impervious to an outage. You have to be prepared for anything, at any time.

Protect your network with white label SD-WAN

Here’s some good news: Your business can use software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to augment your critical connections, without having to rip and replace any infrastructure or change your existing connections.

Up until recently, obtaining SD-WAN required going through traditional telecommunications or cable companies. It was expensive, and very limited in terms of what you could do with it.

This has changed.

Turnium’s approach to SD-WAN

With Turnium, you can leverage white label SD-WAN, and use it as your primary or backup connectivity. As a white label solution, you will have full control over how you use it.

Turnium’s white label SD-WAN will enable you to aggregate multiple circuits, regardless of the carrier or connection that you are using. You can connect a single site to your data center, or use it to build a secure multi-site network. It’s perfect for large companies that are leveraging numerous types of connections.

Turnium enables full network redundancy and same-IP failover, along with end-to-end visibility and rapid response troubleshooting. You can use Turnium to manage all of your critical network connections, and gain full visibility across your entire network.

MNI prevents network downtime by offering premium network tunnel quality with multiple encryption ciphers, along with packet-level link balancing, and real-time traffic authentication.

Plus, Turnium uses a unique packet-based load balancing system to distribute data across all circuits in a tunnel. If the system detects dropped or delayed packets, it can automatically remove them from the tunnel and reroute them within 300 milliseconds.

So don’t wait for your next big outage to take action. Contact Turnium today and ask how you can protect your critical assets.