Pioneers in network technology

We were frustrated with network interruptions, slow connections, and a service that couldn’t expand or contract with our business needs.

We weren’t alone. 80% of IT professionals are unhappy with their current network capabilities. Solutions are cumbersome, costly, and ultimately unreliable.

Turnium was created to face those challenges head on. We built it from the ground up with a spirit of innovation, a tireless dedication to cutting-edge technology leadership, and the courage to go where no network has gone before. To a place with Bonded Internet that delivers 99.999% uptime, and 95%+ aggregated throughput.

Started by former Cisco engineers and pioneers in the field of network technology, Turnium is a company that focuses on what really matters to businesses: reliability, simplicity, security, and the bottom line.

Our proprietary technology — Turnium Edge — takes multiple connections (DSL, Cable, MPLS, etc.) and bonds them together to deliver unheard of levels of speed, performance, security, and customization.

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