Empowering Partners: Turnium’s Disaggregated SD-WAN Revolution

In the intricate landscape of networking solutions, Turnium offers not just a service or a platform but a paradigm shift. At the heart of their innovation lies a unique approach: Disaggregated SD-WAN, a model that redefines the way partners engage with networking solutions.

Unveiling Turnium's OEM/White Label Program

Turnium’s OEM and White Label program isn’t merely about licensing software. It’s a gateway for partners, empowering them to plot their own course in the vast ocean of networking solutions. Qualified partners gain access to Turnium’s robust software, enabling them to manage the entire platform within their infrastructure. This freedom lets partners brand services, set prices, and create customized bundles, leveraging Turnium’s SD-WAN as the bedrock for integrated solutions.

Disaggregated SD-WAN: A Game-Changing Model

Unlike traditional integrated solutions prevalent in the market, Turnium’s Disaggregated SD-WAN model gives partners comprehensive control. It focuses on networking components, allowing partners the flexibility to operate Turnium core nodes within any public or private cloud environment. This adaptability seamlessly integrates into existing customer setups, ensuring minimal disruptions and streamlined project deliveries.

Disaggregated SD-WAN

The Power of Disaggregation

This approach doesn’t stop at networking excellence. It’s about empowering partners to excel in networking while leveraging their pre-existing technology for other services like security and managed services. The emphasis is on efficiency and performance, providing a robust networking layer while complementing existing tech investments.

Paving the Path to Networking Excellence

Turnium’s Disaggregated SD-WAN goes beyond being a mere service — it serves as a strategic approach that enables partners to enhance their networks, emphasizing efficiency and performance. Through the adoption of the Disaggregated SD-WAN model, partners gain greater control, flexibility, and the capacity to tailor solutions that enhance their position in the field of networking solutions.

Join Turnium on the path to a future where partners are equipped to excel in networking, leveraging the full potential of their existing technology.