5 services used by restaurants that require 100% uptime

The restaurant sector is quickly becoming reliant on Internet connectivity for many of its day-to-day functions. Having an always-on Internet is now critical for many restaurants.

Here are five services used by restaurants that require 100% uptime. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details and our channel partnership program.

1. Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

Did you know, debit transactions can’t happen if the Internet is down? Also, many app- or iPad-based systems can’t process credit card transactions in offline mode. Last-mile problems are unavoidable… ask yourself how long you would wait for the restaurant to work-out their connectivity problem.

2. Customer Service (i.e. Public Wi-Fi, Music, TV, etc.)

This one’s a no-brainer – atmosphere relies on Internet access. Restaurants are always trying to give their customers the best experience possible. That’s why more and more types of restaurants are investing in fast, free Wi-Fi. Offering Wi-Fi helps gain customer loyalty and even increase sales — and employees can benefit too.

3. Communications (i.e. VoIP, Digital Signage, etc.)

When you see TVs, often they rely on a stream from the source. Additionally, digital signage often require a consistent Internet connection to update visual displays and maintain a consistent brand image. To ensure 100% uptime, deploy a wireless business continuity solution.

4. Cloud-Based Applications (Live Inventory Tracking, Customer Loyalty Programs, Google Apps, etc.)

These can usually wait until the network comes back online, but who knows when that’ll be. With a reliable Internet connection, businesses can be confident with tracking their inventory in real time using Internet-based services, which allows them to carry less inventory in their restaurants.

5. On-line orders (Uber Eats, GrubHub, Seamless, DoorDash, etc.)

Did you know, if a restaurant is using Uber Eats for sales and the Internet goes offline, Uber won’t show that restaurant as being open?

A restaurant is out of luck if it loses its network connection. Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IoT devices (digital signage), and sensor technologies are being used by many modern businesses. We’re confident you’ll love Multapplied SD-WAN for more than just the bonding and the failover. We’d be happy to set up a Discovery meeting to help you understand the technical and business opportunities related to Multapplied SD-WAN.