SD-WAN: We Do It Better

SD-WAN has completely changed how businesses connect to branch offices and to the Internet. It’s also changed how service providers deliver their network and managed service offers. By decoupling networks from their underlying hardware, service providers can use SD-WAN to virtualize networks and offer connectivity in a way that is flexible, cost-effective, and reliable. SD-WAN … Read more

Best Practices for Evaluating an SD-WAN Platform

At this point, your organization has decided to move forward with software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). As a service provider, SD-WAN will enable your company to provide reliable and consistent connectivity, and boost profits. Now that you’re in the late stages of the buying process, though, you need to move very carefully. The service that … Read more

Deliver VoIP with the Quality and Reliability your Customers Demand using SD-WAN

Hosted PBX, Contact Center, VoIP and SIP trunk providers often rely on Internet connections to provide service to their customers. As Internet bandwidth and reliability increase, these connections are often reliable. But we all know that they’re not rock solid. Degraded connections due to spikes in jitter or packet loss can cause a voice call … Read more