Deliver VoIP with the Quality and Reliability your Customers Demand using SD-WAN

Deliver VoIP with the Quality and Reliability

Hosted PBX, Contact Center, VoIP and SIP trunk providers often rely on Internet connections to provide service to their customers. As Internet bandwidth and reliability increase, these connections are often reliable. But we all know that they’re not rock solid.

Degraded connections due to spikes in jitter or packet loss can cause a voice call to break up or drop. A broken last-mile connection or network outage obviously kills calls as well.

VoIP, SIP and PBX telephony providers have relied on a range of solutions to maintain connectivity and eliminate customer complaints about poor quality or dropped calls. These solutions have included installing a PRI or partial PRI, implementing a Layer2 connection with QoS reservations for calculated peak voice calls or even maintaining analog lines for emergency/911 and outage scenarios.

Why use SD-WAN to Deliver Voice Services?

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) combines the bandwidth of multiple circuits from multiple carriers, enables bi-directional reservation-less QoS and provides a platform that removes the effects of jitter, latency, packet loss and flapping from the customer experience. If you’re an ISP, SD-WAN even gives you the ability to monetize competitors’ last mile circuits!

Deploying SD-WAN as a “secure on-ramp” to your voice services gives you control over a virtual network that spans multiple carriers, multiple geographies or countries and gives you a monthly recurring revenue managed service you can sell to customers while it simultaneously increases customer satisfaction.

Secure on-ramp means that you deploy SD-WAN as a “black-box” solution. Customers buying Voice services enabled by a “secure on-ramp” don’t need to know that they’re buying SD-WAN. Instead focus their attention on how you can use new technology to give them better, faster, higher reliability Internet, no dropped calls and better-quality voice. Simply position your new monthly fee as a new service that makes things better.

Obviously, some customer will want to know the technology you’re using. And some sales processes will benefit from understanding that they’re buying SD-WAN as it identifies you as a technology market leader.

But the simple way to position SD-WAN is secure on-ramp, a better way to make voice better.

Turnium’s Unique SD-WAN Solution

Turnium SD-WAN is a white-label, white-box SD-WAN platform that you license, host and control. It is your SD-WAN platform or secure on-ramp that you control in your environment. You package and bundle it with your services and determine the selling price. You control the virtual network end-to-end and proactively work with customers based on your visibility to network and last-mile performance.

Turnium’s SD-WAN platform enables you to aggregate bandwidth from multiple circuits and multiple carriers, including broadband, fiber and wireless, without being the ISP. In your overlay virtual network, you deploy bi-directional, dynamic QoS to prioritize voice and reserve bandwidth when voice packets are present. Turnium’s SD-WAN platform dynamically balances packets over multiple links to take maximum advantage of bandwidth and performance. This also provides security by breaking up data flows across multiple networks – and there are three encryption ciphers offering perfect forward security. Turnium’s virtualized networking software and multi-tenant capability puts multiple customers on the same core nodes and virtual infrastructure to leverage your investments.

With Turnium SD-WAN, customers can bring all their sites on-net and access the applications offered by you, their MSP. By aggregating bandwidth from multiple circuits per site, your managed network service/SD-WAN offering makes bandwidth and reliability cost-effective at every site. Formerly “off-net” sites are now “on-net” and have access to the private, secure Wide Area Network and all corporate applications.

To learn more about our SD-WAN platform and how we can help you deliver better Voice, VOIP, Hosted PBX and SIP, contact sales.