Why Subscription-Based SD-WAN Pricing Models Benefit Service Providers

In this post, we look into how ISPs, telecoms, or managed service providers can benefit from Multapplied’s SD-WAN pricing model in five ways.

SD-WAN: A Lifeline for Healthcare Providers

For most businesses, network downtime, or losing connection to email and offsite applications or backup, is a financial and operational concern. In the healthcare industry, though, network downtime is much more serious. An unplanned network outage, after all, can negatively impact patients’ health and wellbeing—resulting in a disaster for individuals, healthcare providers, and service providers … Read more

How SD-WAN is Connecting Multi-Site Law Firms

Digital transformation is sweeping across every industry, transforming organizations of all types. As a result, the demand for secure, real-time communications, rapid response support, and constant uptime is increasing steadily. Even companies that have historically been paper-based are being challenged to operate with maximum speed and efficiency. Most law firms are aware of the need … Read more