Turnium Extends Deployment Options, Reliability, and Security with OpenSUSE Support Launch

OpenSUSE Support for SD-WAN Solutions

In early February 2024, Turnium SD-WAN will support deployments on OpenSUSE Linux, expanding the range of deployment options available to partners and enabling partners to benefit from SUSE’s expansive deployment, management, support, security, and upgrade capabilities.

Turnium is expanding its supported operating systems to include OpenSUSE Linux. A Turnium-OpenSUSE ISO will be available by early February 2024 in addition to the existing Debian ISO. The OpenSUSE ISO for Turnium will be deployable on Aggregators or CPE and a blend of Debian and OpenSUSE nodes (Aggregators and CPE) can be operated simultaneously.

OpenSUSE provides Turnium and its channel partners with business and technical benefits, including:

OpenSUSE Support for SD-WAN Solutions

During the most recent Terrapin SSH vulnerability detected in December 2023, OpenSUSE patches were available the same day as the vulnerability was announced, much faster than other distributions.

Adding OpenSUSE support delivers other key technology benefits:

Turnium has been using OpenSUSE Open Build Service (OBS) to create Turnium’s ISO since 2013. OBS is thoroughly tested and maintained by SUSE to ensure quality assurance and security. Turnium has also been using SUSE’s KIWI software for internal testing images since 2015 and to create distribution bonding ISOs since the 6.5 release.

In addition to OpenSUSE, their free Linux distribution, SUSE offers Turnium flexibility for the future and for potential future business cases that includes SUSE Rancher, a container environment, SUSE Enterprise Service, SUSE Enterprise Micro, SUSE Enterprise Real-time, and SUSE support for ARM.

The new Turnium-OpenSUSE ISO will be available in the coming weeks, after partner Management Servers are upgraded. A formal announcement will be sent out to the OEM Partner technical contacts.

Turnium has used Debian as its core operating system since the company was founded as Multapplied Networks in 2011. By adding OpenSUSE support, Turnium expands its footprint in the open-source community and enables more IT experts to deploy, operate, and maintain Turnium SD-WAN. Contact Turnium today for more information.