Turnium and Sunco Communications and Installation to Prevent Internet Outages in Western Canada

Turnium and Sunco

In today’s cloud era, disruptions to internet connectivity can result in harmful consequences to daily business operations. This is exactly why we’re excited to bring our SD-WAN solution to our partners at Sunco Communications and Installation. Together, we’re creating a resilient connectivity solution to ensure always reliable internet for businesses and customers across Western Canada!

We all know how important it is to be connected to the internet. Without that connection, emails aren’t sent or received, orders aren’t placed, transactions aren’t completed, and banking is impossible.

But it’s more than that. As businesses transition to cloud services, including hosted voice platforms for their sales, operations, and customer service, that connection becomes critical.

In the past, when the internet and cloud wasn’t widespread, most business owners could say things like “my internet never goes down” and maybe be right, most of the time. But today, cloud and hosted services make business so much more efficient that they can’t be ignored. Hosted voice platforms remove the CapEx costs as well as operational costs for maintenance, electrical, and upgrades. They support being used from home, from work, from the truck, or from the field.

Combining multiple connections from multiple internet service providers or telecoms that use different technologies is the insurance that’s needed. Not saying that “my provider never goes down.” When a network fails, or fibers are cut, even locally, the damage to a business can be considerable. The cost of being completely offline grows greater by the hour. Your staff are there, waiting to work, while you wait for service to be restored. Meanwhile, nobody can sell, collect a payment, or fulfill an order. Customers are calling. Maybe not…

The best solution we’re aware of is called SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking).

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or Software Defined WAN, enables you to use multiple wired and wireless connections from different internet providers at each of your business locations, all at the same time. The telecom tech aggregates the individual connections into one larger, virtual connection, and if one connection fails, there’s no interruption to your phone call, video call, or transaction.

What is SD-WAN?

Sunco partners with Turnium, the leading provider of SD-WAN services since 2012, to support customers across Western Canada with survivable, reliable connections to Sunco-hosted services, to the Internet, and to the cloud services.

Turnium powers communication service providers, broadband internet service providers, and managed service providers around the globe. Hosted voice services become better with Turnium – more resilient connections with quality of service ensure that priority phone calls or video calls are the highest quality and that connections to cloud or hosted voice services remain in place. As a leading SD-WAN vendor, Turnium does an excellent job of aggregating multiple connections, even wireless connections, to make sure that business locations, sites, IoT devices, or vehicles, are always connected. Essentially, Turnium enables Sunco and its customer to bypass failures in underlying telecom networks, while ensuring that businesses stay operational.

Be confident in your network, stay connected and thrive in the digital business world.

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