Digital Nova Scotia Features Turnium

Digital Nova Scotia Features Turnium

We’re extremely happy to have an office in Halifax — not only do we love the city but our presence also allows us to be an active member of the Digital Nova Scotia (DNS) community. The DNS team recently wrote a blog about Turnium, what we do, and how we help businesses prosper in the internet economy. Read below for the full blog.

Turnium Technology Group Inc.’s journey began in 2012 when an engineering firm asked the company for a solution to enable cross-site communication and reliable access to data.

With that request in mind, and the goal to create a cost-effective and user-friendly experience, Turnium developed a software-defined solution. Turnium’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network solution now provides the firm with private, secure multi-site networking, cost-effective bandwidth, built-in failover, and improved communications and access to shared data and applications at each and every site.

That first firm with the original request continues to be a loyal customer of Turnium Technology today, receiving support and services across 20 sites across the West!

Today, Turnium supports business needs for data connectivity, networks, and voice solutions through a global channel program. This program enables channel partners to deploy Turnium’s solution to meet the communication, multi-site and multi-cloud networking, and data security needs of regional, national, and international customers.

“We’re designed to give our channel partners the technology and business model they need to grow their brands, and acquire and retain customers. Using our solutions, our partners give local businesses and their employees the ability to conduct business and support their customers, every day”

— Geoff Hultin, Chief Marketing Officer

simplified network

Working with channel partners is something in which the team at Turnium takes great pride. The team’s objective is to enable partners to deliver better communication networks for their customers. These networks have higher reliability, better failover, and are simpler to design, deploy, and maintain. This helps partners meet customer needs while enabling partners to deliver better voice services, better security, and better managed services. Turnium’s channel program allows partners to white-label Turnium’s platform giving partners an in-house, privately-branded solution or to get to market quickly by reselling a managed service offered by Turnium, or even a hybrid model of both partnership options!

Forming a partnership is easy with Turnium Technology, as the team supports new partners with a hands-on, assisted onboarding process. From technical and sales training to partner-based sales collateral and materials – Turnium strives to help partners generate revenue as soon as possible.

Reliable, high-quality connection to the internet and cloud is essential to support customers and staff, sell, and run a business smoothly. Turnium’s solutions are quick and accessible, allowing partners to provide efficient services to their clients on both a local and global scale.

“We make this simple, easy, and effective. Our platform simplifies network deployments, reducing the time and energy it takes to deploy them, and make managing networks much easier than traditional VPN-based or telecom-based solutions”

— Geoff Hultin, Chief Marketing Officer

In support of their partners and technology growth, Turnium has partnered with leading technology companies such as Red Hat, IBM, and Intel. Through these partnerships and their support, Turnium has become certified on Red Hat®, OpenShift®, IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, and IBM Application Manager. To ensure the quality of their services, Turnium has also conducted testing and benchmarking with Intel and Red Hat.

With a shared goal in mind, along with the skills and motivation to achieve it, Turnium Technology works with clients and partners nation-wide to provide standout software. With companies like Turnium, it’s no wonder the Nova Scotia ICT sector continues to grow and thrive.