Why Subscription-Based SD-WAN Pricing Models Benefit Service Providers

In this post, we look into how ISPs, telecoms, or managed service providers can benefit from Multapplied’s SD-WAN pricing model in five ways.

How to Control Your Own SD-WAN Security Infrastructure

As a service provider, your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. You should have control over your own SD-WAN security stack so you can determine how you want to protect your sensitive data and avoid costly breaches.

SD-WAN: A Lifeline for Healthcare Providers

For most businesses, network downtime, or losing connection to email and offsite applications or backup, is a financial and operational concern. In the healthcare industry, though, network downtime is much more serious. An unplanned network outage, after all, can negatively impact patients’ health and wellbeing—resulting in a disaster for individuals, healthcare providers, and service providers … Read more

Deliver VoIP with the Quality and Reliability your Customers Demand using SD-WAN

Hosted PBX, Contact Center, VoIP and SIP trunk providers often rely on Internet connections to provide service to their customers. As Internet bandwidth and reliability increase, these connections are often reliable. But we all know that they’re not rock solid. Degraded connections due to spikes in jitter or packet loss can cause a voice call … Read more

Weatherproof Your Service Provider Business

Peak Storm Season is Around The Corner We’ve just turned into August, which means we’re in the thick of one of the most dangerous times of the year for inclement weather. For example, meteorologists are currently tracking multiple weather events. A tropical disturbance is developing in the central Atlantic, while in East Pacific, Hurricane Erick … Read more