How to Control Your Own SD-WAN Security Infrastructure

How to Control Your Own SD-WAN Security Infrastructure

SD-WAN security is generally controlled by the use of physical security on your hardware appliances and the use of digital security in the form of IP security (IPsec), VPN tunnels, next-generation firewalls, the micro-segmentation of application traffic.

However, many SD-WAN vendors have some or all of these security solutions and will often require that customers use their brand. Sometimes they will only provide SD-WAN support for their own specific solutions.

But for service providers, flexibility is key when it comes to SD-WAN security.

Businesses are facing more cyber threats than ever before. The average cost of a data breach in the US is $3.92 million. Could you — or your customers — survive that?

As a service provider, your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. You should have control over your own SD-WAN security stack so you can determine how you want to protect your sensitive data and avoid costly breaches.

SD-WAN Security Flexibility

SD-WAN Security Flexibility is Key for Service Providers

How often do you see the phrase “No Terms & Conditions Apply” on a technology product? In today’s world of tightly governed licensing models and end-user agreements, it’s pretty rare.

Because Turnium is a partner-centric SD-WAN provider, it operates a little differently to mainstream SD-WAN products. Turnium offers a closed-source, open-architecture platform that you can use to white label SD-WAN as your own offering. The bottom line is there are no rules with Turnium. Plain and simple.

You have the freedom to sell it at a 5% markup or a 500% markup. You even have the freedom to cancel at any time — no questions asked — if you don’t like it. Most importantly, you can manage it however you deem fit.

As such, Turnium’s SD-WAN fits seamlessly into any existing security architecture. This means you can choose your own adventure when it comes to SD-WAN security!

You choose your own firewall, you select your appliances of choice, and you choose what data centers you want.

You can even layer your physical and digital security services on top of our offerings if required.

“Turnium has allowed us to have our own space — we use our own aggregators and are able to have full control over the entire SD-WAN process. Overall it’s an incredible partnership that we’ve got in place.”

— Bret Childers, COO at SOCS Wireless (ISP)

SOCS Wireless

You may be wondering why we are so flexible when it comes to SD-WAN security. After all, few other SD-WAN providers offer these types of liberties. We’re flexible because we focus solely on delivering amazing SD-WAN. And we know that your network is too complex for us to tell you what works and what doesn’t for your business. While Turnium’s SD-WAN is completely hardware, carrier, and firewall agnostic.

Essential SD-WAN Security Features Built-In

While Turnium offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of SD-WAN security, it does include pre-configured, essential security features

Firstly, Turnium leverages multiple live circuits. This means that if a hacker managed to breach an individual internet connection in an attempt to eavesdrop on confidential communications, only a very small piece of your traffic would be exposed.

In relation to data transmission, our packet-based system sprays data across multiple circuits, carriers, and transmission methods within a proprietary tunnel, which can be further enhanced for additional security. Traffic gets authenticated by a receiving server with a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC from RFC2104). Because of this secure site-to-site encryption, a hacker has no way to intercept or alter data packets as they travel back and forth between sites.

Communications are also protected by the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) in three cipher stream strengths: AES128, AES256, and Salsa20.

Turnium is the Partner-Centric SD-WAN

Turnium provides you with a secure, robust, flexible platform so you and your team of trusted security experts can layer your own preferred security solutions, with no questions asked.

For service providers, this is an opportunity to either offer your own proprietary services or partner with third-party providers for additional revenue-generating opportunities.

Of course, network security today is about more than just keeping bad actors out of your network. It’s also about having peace of mind and maintaining uptime — particularly for mission-critical businesses that cannot afford unplanned connectivity loss. As such, Turnium can be fortified with seamless LTE backup for additional protection.

Contact an expert today to learn more about Turnium’s SD-WAN security architecture.