How to Increase MSP Revenues with Managed SD-WAN

How to Increase MSP Revenues with Managed SD-WAN

The quality of a managed service depends almost entirely on customer connectivity and customer experience. But many customers operate at sites that lack access to dedicated fiber or leased lines. And resulting worsened connectivity can directly affect how those customers judge the services you provide for them. With managed SD-WAN, managed service providers can achieve better returns on investment while delivering performance, security, and speed using off-the-shelf broadband and wireless connections.

“SD-WAN favors decoupling the procurement of transport and service management, therefore, widening the opportunity for smaller competitors to challenge large network-based providers.”


In this post, we will outline some of the benefits MSPs stand to gain from managed SD-WAN services, as well as some of the considerations to keep in mind when selecting a partner for SD-WAN.

The Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

A managed SD-WAN solution can provide MSPs with a range of benefits and competitive advantages.

Greater Control:

You’ll have direct insight into the quality and performance of customer connections to your data center, and can control connectivity as required.

Improved Performance:

Eliminate reliance on telecoms to ensure delivery of managed applications that meets SLA performance and quality requirements. Managed SD-WAN allows you to prioritize connections for business-critical applications.

Enhanced Security:

SD-WAN solutions include built-in security and encryption capabilities, and a growing number of organizations are choosing SD-WAN to meet backup and disaster recovery needs.


By aggregating bandwidth from multiple circuits for each site, a managed SD-WAN solution makes it cost-effective to offer reliable bandwidth at every site.

And last, but not least:

Access to new revenue:

Deploying SD-WAN can provide managed service providers with a new monthly recurring revenue stream. Managed SD-WAN can be deployed more quickly and serve customers who need reliable connectivity in remote areas.

SD-WAN Considerations

SD-WAN Considerations

All the benefits listed above make SD-WAN an attractive prospect for managed service providers. But, as with any new technology, it’s important to be sure you’re prepared before you dive in. Look for a SD-WAN partner that can provide everything you need:

Technology Performance

  • Load balancing across multiple circuits
  • Link aggregation for better reliability
  • Dynamic bandwidth adaptation

Implementation Onboarding Support

  • On-site and remote support, 24-7
  • Onboarding and training until you’re confident in selling to your customers
  • Technical advice on customer deployments

Seamless Management

  • Open architecture for seamless integration with existing systems, including firewalls, WAN optimizers, and other applications
  • Easy to create and configure sites and networks
  • Ability to manage customer IP network deployment


  • Virtual tunnel for data transport
  • Packet-based load balancing algorithms
  • Diverse security options

How Turnium Enables MSP-Managed SD-WAN

At Turnium, we give MSPs full ownership and control of their SD-WAN solutions.

  • Open architecture to allow you to export performance data into existing operational and business systems
  • Complete control over the construction, deployment, and operation of the platform
  • Visibility into bandwidth, connectivity, jitter, latency, and packet loss
  • Ability to monitor and allocate bandwidth to prioritize voice, video or business-critical applications
  • Option to white-label SD-WAN software and brand it as your own
  • Maintain and use your own data centers and infrastructure

Integrating managed SD-WAN into your portfolio lets you provide customers with a secure on-ramp to Cloud with secure, reliable, flexible connectivity and gives you access to a new source of revenue.

If you’d like to learn more about managed SD-WAN or how we can help your business, get in touch with the experts at Turnium today.