Customer Support – Learn how Turnium impressed QX.Net

Customer Service is a critical component of any SD-WAN platform. While we strive to ensure that everything works seamlessly, there will be occasions where our partners need to contact customer support. Turnium understands that when there is an issue, having a quick response that resolves the problem is critical. Time is of the essence.

In the rare occasion that a customer service call is made, our customers are surprised that their issue is not handled by a basic Tier 1 support person who can only handle the relatively easy issues. Our Customer Support and Development team is one in the same. When you have a problem the person who you will talk to is likely the same person who developed that program. This means that you get a response the quickly gets you back up and running.

One of our great partners, Alex Ball VP at QX.Net shares his experience with the Turnium, Customer Service Department. Please listen to Alex Ball share his experience.

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