Introducing Version 7.0: Exploring the Concept of Global Mesh

Enabling a Protected Global Mesh with SD-WAN

With the eagerly awaited launch of Turnium’s v7.0 SD-WAN software, we are thrilled to discuss one of the innovative use cases it enables: Global Mesh. The Global Mesh concept enables a partner to build a network-as-a-service offering easily, leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Turnium SD-WAN platform, and harnessing industry-standard technologies such as cloud deployments and BGP.

Watch the video: Josh Hicks (VP, Research & Development) talks about enabling a protected Global Mesh with Turnium v7.0.

Serving Enterprises Across Continents

Here’s an example: Envision an enterprise operating sites on two continents. The edge nodes at these sites will consistently prefer the point of presence (PoP) in the partner network that is geographically closest to the edge site.

As traffic is absorbed into the partner network and if it is bound for a region that crosses multiple points of presence, Turnium’s SD-WAN solution enables partners to route that traffic more efficiently and securely than the best effort routing that is available on the internet.

In circumstances where the preferred point of presence becomes unavailable for any reason, the edge site then reroutes to the next most preferred point. In doing so, it maintains the IP addresses assigned to the site.

all traffic between Turnium nodes can be routed via the Turnium SD-WAN tunnel

Key Differences:
Version 6 and Version 7

While the functionality outlined above is already available in Version 6 of our SD-WAN platform, deploying Version 7 in this scenario brings some key differences to bear.

In Version 6, the core mesh and mesh backhaul connections are managed via VXLAN, with only the last-mile connections routed through the Turnium SD-WAN tunnel.

With the deployment of Version 7 and our new multi-gigabit tunnel architecture, all traffic between Turnium nodes can be routed via the Turnium SD-WAN tunnel. This provides additional and future benefits of our SD-WAN tunnel to our partners and their customers, extending fully through a partner’s Turnium network.

This is just the beginning of what Version 7 can offer, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities it opens up for our partners and their customers.

Impact on Turnium Customers

The advances introduced with Version 7 of our product signify a leap in technology AND manifest as direct, tangible benefits to our customers. By adopting the Global Mesh through Turnium’s enhanced SD-WAN solution, customers can expect unprecedented levels of network efficiency, security, and reliability — critical factors for businesses operating on a global scale. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our solutions evolve in tandem with the needs of our customers, always offering them a competitive edge in connectivity.

For enterprises looking to scale, diversify, or simply optimize their existing network infrastructure, the deployment of Version 7 represents a strategic investment. The seamless global connectivity and robust network performance it offers can significantly reduce operational costs, minimize downtime, and enhance the overall user experience across the board.

Our team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how our solutions can meet your specific needs and help you achieve your strategic objectives. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what Turnium SD-WAN can do for you.