How to Secure Freedom and Control for your SD-WAN Managed Services Business

If there’s one thing that SD-WAN managed service providers are paying attention to today, it’s the customer experience (CX). And there’s a reason: providing great CX is great for business. So great in fact, that businesses who make it a priority to invest in CX are rewarded with substantial increases in customer loyalty, advocacy, and trust over their competitors.

For SD-WAN MSPs, providing good CX means delivering a solid mix of reliability, support, and technical services — and that includes providing dependable connectivity, regardless of a client’s location. And for many MSPs today, a key part of delivering great connectivity involves SD-WAN managed services.

Secure Freedom and Control for your SD-WAN Managed Services Business

SD-WAN Managed Services Models and The CX Dilemma

When SD-WAN hit the IT industry a decade ago, it provided the major breakthrough MSPs were looking for. Suddenly, unshackled by traditional hardware requirements, MSPs had the ability to extend their services into new global markets without having to undergo costly and time-consuming deployments. Maintenance and network management could also now be conducted with push-button ease.

Thus SD-WAN managed services were born.

But the new technology didn’t come without its challenges. Once the vendor community caught on to SD-WAN, the technology became corrupted in a sense. SD-WAN, after all, was created to liberate MSPs from being tethered to vendors for networking infrastructure and services. So it didn’t take long for vendors to catch on and begin marketing their own versions of SD-WAN — in effect trapping MSPs into forming binding relationships, while restricting them from maximizing their profits.

To further complicate things, these vendor-run SD-WAN systems were (and continue to be) watered-down versions of the technology that limited an MSP’s ability to control and service a client’s connection. As a result of this limited control, MSPs simply cannot provide their clients with the rich and personalized CX they demand.

Find Your Freedom: Why Turnium SD-WAN Managed Services is Different

Turnium Technology Group Inc. is a Vancouver-based SD-WAN provider that was founded in 2012 with a mission to help SD-WAN managed service providers grow their business and regain control over their connectivity.

Unlike most SD-WAN solutions, Turnium was designed by service providers, for service providers. The company was formed by industry veterans who were tired of seeing providers continuously fleeced of their profits while losing customer support along the way.

Turnium was created to remove the middleman by providing a highly scalable, pure SD-WAN solution that maximizes reliability and delivers superior performance while letting MSPs maintain full control every step of the way.

Why Turnium SD-WAN Managed Services is Different

Turnium: Your Path to Freedom (and Profits)

Here are some ways Turnium sets MSPs up for success:

More Flexibility:

Turnium provides a white label, white box solution that can be custom-branded and sold at any price. Providers, it should be noted, can mark up at will and sell at several times above the cost point. Turnium will never attempt to influence or control pricing, apart from advising customers on pricing recommendations when assistance is needed. This type of freedom is unheard of with most other vendors in the market.

Upstream Integration:

Turnium can integrate directly into any CRM, billing, or network management system. As a result, MSPs can rest assured knowing their backend systems will always have the resources they need to run at optimal levels. This can reduce unplanned system downtime, eliminating service issues and customer complaints.

Rapid Scalability:

Turnium was built for rapid, cost-effective scalability. With Turnium, service providers are never punished for growth or left trying to manage a capacity pinch. Turnium uses a pay-per-use / subscription pricing plan. So when new customers come on board, all the provider has to do is pay a fee. When customers leave, the MSP doesn’t have to pay for those sites.

Improved Reliability:

Turnium can help diversify connectivity by allowing providers to avoid running an entire stream of data on a single circuit. Data is instead distributed across multiple carrier paths and circuits, providing resiliency and eliminating costly instances of downtime.

Ready to get started?

Turnium takes a much different approach to SD-WAN. To learn more about how Turnium can help grow your business, contact the team today.